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Recognizing the Incompetency of the President in the Constitutional Law of the Islamic Republic of Iran

hamidreza moghaddasin; Ali Akbar Gorji Azazndariani

Volume 22, Issue 68 , February 2021, , Pages 9-36


  One of the requirement of a democratic society is that any governing body arising from the people and authorities must be accountable to the people or their representatives for their conducts. ‌‌‌Therefore, the president, as the political official responsible over the government, namely as the ...  Read More

Guardianship and and pro-participation: an analysis of functions' effects of the right to assembly in citizen-state relationship

ariyan ghassemi; aliakbar gorji; sayed mohammad sadegh Ahmadi

Volume 20, Issue 61 , July 2019, , Pages 151-177


  The right to freedom of assembly is one of the civil liberties that can function collectively. This right recognized as a human right, has played a significant role in the various protest rallies in the various historical periods, especially in recent years. Therefore, the study of the functions of the ...  Read More

Interpretative Approach of the Supreme Court in Protecting Rights and Freedoms in Light of Its Case Laws

Reza Najafi; Aliakbar Gorji; Ali Taghizadeh

Volume 20, Issue 62 , July 2019, , Pages 293-320


  The high role of the judicial interpretation in the legal system is not overlooked. This research attempts to find the approach of interpretation that Supreme Court obtains in the role and supervisory position of judiciary in interpretation procedure. Yet the problem is how the approach and the interpretative ...  Read More

Concept of Power and Public Order in Postmodern Thought
Volume 20, Issue 59 , June 2018, , Pages 9-32


  The concept of power has always been controversial and disputed between political thinkers and philosophers. Modern paradigm of power has taken shape around the idea of Hobbes where power is based on the concept of sovereignty and understanding in relation to the government. This concept of power has ...  Read More

Ombudsman Institution Typology: An Approach to the Recognition of Genuine Ombudsman
Volume 19, Issue 56 , December 2017, , Pages 59-82


  In this article, we attempt to study a variety of genuine ombudsman institutions at the national level and the institutions which are classified under the general title "quasi-ombudsman" or "ombudsman-like". The reason behind the diversity and complexity of these institutions around the world lies at ...  Read More

Evaluation of Controlling the Bureaucratic Authority in the Context of Relations between Bureaucracy, Politics and Efficiency

Ali Akbar Gorji Azandaryani; Farzin Ghahramanzadeh Nimgazi

Volume 17, Issue 50 , June 2016, , Pages 9-35


  Successful performance for political systems depends to existence of an efficient administration. In this regard, bureaucracy, from the late nineteenth century until the 1980s was considered as the exclusive system for efficiency. However, this system, especially in the welfare states period, following ...  Read More