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Legal Nature of Compulsory Licensing under Patent Law: Regulatory Measure or Expropriation?

Mirghasem Jafarzade; Soroosh Falahati

Volume 24, Issue 75 , September 2022, , Pages 149-181


  Extensive research has been conducted on expropriation of foreign investment. However, different methods of expropriating intellectual property of foreign investors have yet to be shed light on by legal scholars. Considering that issuance of compulsory licenses is one of the most important measures in ...  Read More

Pathology of the Right of Ownership of Individuals from the Point of View of Public Law with Emphasis on the Role of the Administrative Justice Court

Hossein Fazli Maghsoudi; zeinalabedin Taghavi Fardoud; Alireza Saberian

Volume 24, Issue 75 , September 2022, , Pages 293-330


  Property and the resulting rights have always been honored and protected, and of course, restricted and deprived. In the relevant laws and regulations, although property is one of the basic human rights, it may be violated and restricted in some necessities such as securing the public interests of society, ...  Read More

The Doctrine of Executive Necessity in Government Transactions and Distinguishing It from Similar Concepts: A Comparative Study of Iranian Legal System and Common Law

adel ebrahimpoor asanjan; nasim soleymani nejad

Volume 22, Issue 70 , June 2021, , Pages 194-223


  Governments and governmental organizations have special privileges in concluding contracts to provide the public needs and protect the public interests. One of the privileges that is often addressed in Common Law systems and Commonwealth countries, and it stems from the sovereign power of the government ...  Read More

The Obligation of the State of Origin and Other States to Prevent of Corona’s (Covid-19) Transboundary Damages

Siamak Karimi

Volume 22, Issue 67 , December 2020, , Pages 83-111


  Three months after the outbreak of the Coronavirus (Covid-19), more than 200 countries around the world have been infected with this virus. The wide and transboundary dimensions of this disease make it necessary to examine those obligations that States must bear to prevent and compensate transnational ...  Read More

Compensation for Environmental Damages according to the Draft Principles on the Allocation of Loss in the Case of Transboundary Harm Arising out of Hazardous Activities Adopted by International Law Commission (2006)

Atiyeh Shah hosseini; Ali Mashhadi

Volume 19, Issue 55 , September 2017, , Pages 141-165


  Compensation of transboundary environmental damages, especially in the case of hazardous activities is one of the complex issues of international environmental law. Sometimes in spite of taking all preventive measures, some authorized and legitimate activities of States that are generally dangerous can ...  Read More