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Public Law
The Theory of Abuse of Authority in Modern Administrative Law

Mohammad Reza Vijeh

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 27 May 2024


  Abuse of Authority is one of the vague and yet complex concepts of administrative law. Judicial precedent and many jurists have tried to explain its foundations and examples and specify its criteria according to the conditions of each culture and legal system. The question is whether there is a clear ...  Read More

Pathology of the Right of Ownership of Individuals from the Point of View of Public Law with Emphasis on the Role of the Administrative Justice Court

Hossein Fazli Maghsoudi; zeinalabedin Taghavi Fardoud; Alireza Saberian

Volume 24, Issue 75 , September 2022, , Pages 293-330


  Property and the resulting rights have always been honored and protected, and of course, restricted and deprived. In the relevant laws and regulations, although property is one of the basic human rights, it may be violated and restricted in some necessities such as securing the public interests of society, ...  Read More

Freedom of Expression and Idea-Expression Dichotomy

Mehdi Zahedi; shirin sharifzadeh

Volume 23, Issue 71 , August 2021, , Pages 95-127


  Freedom of expression includes the freedom to express, access and dissemination of information, whereas copyright, by protecting the original works of authorship, restricts use, access and dissemination of the protected works. When an expression is protected by copyright, freedom of expression or press ...  Read More

Analysis of the New Approach to International Investment Law In Relation to the Public Interest of Host Government

hamid hamidian; Ali Rezaeiee

Volume 23, Issue 72 , August 2021, , Pages 231-262


  Principles of international investment law and treaties are more about protecting foreign investors. Therefore, in investment agreements that are signed between the host countries with the investors or their respective governments, the host country is obliged to provide the necessary investment support ...  Read More

The Concept of Public Services and its Evolution In the Light of Public Function Doctrine

Majid Najarzadeh Hanjani

Volume 19, Issue 56 , December 2017, , Pages 9-32


  Since the beginning of its theory, the public services faced with conceptual ambiguity and its substantive diagnostic criteria, at least in practice, has not been clear. The privatization of public services and undermining the criterion of "government intervention" and "public interest purpose" added ...  Read More

Reconsideration of the Interest of State Doctrine in the Light of Balance Theory

Mahnaz Bayat Komitaki; Mahdi Balavi

Volume 17, Issue 47 , October 2015, , Pages 123-155

  "Rights" and "Public Interest" are among the key elements of political , legal , ethical and social discourse in almost any society around the world including the contemporary legal and political discourse of Iran. Meanwhile, societies inevitably have certain reciprocal tensions resulting from diversities ...  Read More

The Theory of Exceptionalism Facing the Theory of Balance

mahnaz bayat komitaki; mahdi balavi

Volume 15, Issue 42 , January 2015, , Pages 9-42

  AbstractThe concepts of right and expediency are two of the concepts that have beengoverned over political, ethical, legal and social discourses in the most ofcountries. However, due to the heterogeneity of the protection of the individual'srights requirements and the improvement of the general interest, ...  Read More