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Public Law Research is an open-access, double-blind, peer-reviewed journal published by Allameh Tabataba’i University, the leading university in Humanities and Social Sciences in Iran. Public Law Research has been established to provide an intellectual platform for national and international researchers working on issues related to public law. The Journal was founded in as a response to quick advancements in public law and was dedicated to the publication of highest-quality research studies that report findings on issues of great concern to the profession of public law.   

To allow for easy and worldwide access to the most updated research findings, the journal is set to be an open-access journal. 

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The journal is published in both a print version and an online version.

Public Law
Freedom from the perspective of liberalism and Marxism: With emphasis on votes Berlin and Marx

Morvarid Ahouri; Mohammad Hashemi; Maghsood Ranjbar

Volume 24, Issue 77 , February 2023, , Pages 109-140


  The approach of liberal and Marxist thinkers, as the two dominant ideas in the twentieth century on freedom, shows their worldview on the issue of freedom and fundamental rights of individuals. The question is, which theories liberals and Marxists hold on the concept of freedom which was gained based ...  Read More

International Law
The Legitimacy of the Use of Force by Turkey in Attacking Northern Syria from the Perspective of International Law

Morteza Ahmadifard; Mehdi Hatami

Volume 23, Issue 74 , June 2022, , Pages 303-335


  On January 20, 2018, Turkey launched Operation "Olive Branch" and on October 9, 2019, Operation "Spring of Peace" in northern Syria, violating its territorial integrity and military entry into the country. Also, these attacks continue in a scattered manner. According to Turkish officials, the operation ...  Read More

The study of the payment regims of retirement pensions in Iran and Norway

elham amiri; seied mohamad hashemi; vali rostami; bijan abbasi

Volume 23, Issue 73 , February 2022, , Pages 9-40


  The issue of pension payments is a serious challenge for governments in today's world. As the main institution, which is faced with a large number of new pensioners every year, governments seek to create pension systems in line with the political-economic structure of the country. The pension payment ...  Read More

Citation of Constitutional Principles of the Judgments of the Courts

Dariyoush Zarouni; Ali AKbar Gorji; Behroz Behbodian

Volume 23, Issue 74 , June 2022, , Pages 69-105


  The citation of constitutional principles in judgments of the courts is one of the issues related to the evidence of the verdict. It is obvious to cite the principles of the constitution in the constitutional courts, but in ordinary courts, i.e. criminal, legal and administrative courts, not all the ...  Read More

Scope of Obligation of the Host State for Protection of Foreign Investor in Armed Conflicts

Abolghasem Shahbazian; Sadegh Salimi

Volume 23, Issue 74 , June 2022, , Pages 9-38


  Measures taken by governments during armed conflict to safeguard their essential interests sometimes cause damages to foreign investors. The investors thus affected seek remedies in the arbitration tribunals invoking breach of host government obligations to protect investments. The host government also ...  Read More

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