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The general principles of law are considered one of the main sources of international law, which have special features such as filling gaps or legal abstractions, as well as creating coherence in the international legal system. These principles are usually taken from domestic legal systems and some others are specific to the international legal system. In its approach of the last two decades, the International Law Commission has started to examine the sources of international law and has so far concluded the issue of unilateral legal declarations, customary international law, and, (with some tolerance) peremptory norms of general international law. Currently, the issue of general principles and subsidiary means of determining the rules of international law is on the Commission's agenda. Examining Iran's approach in the field of general principles of law forms the subject of this article, so that while monitoring Iran's approach to the course of study of the Commission, the attention of the international law society of Iran will also be drawn to this issue in further researches.


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