Document Type : Research Paper


Associate Professor, Public Law, Booali Sina University, Hamedan, Iran


The constitution is one of the most important concepts in the law. Scholars have made several interpretations of this concept. One of these interpretations is the legal understanding of the constitution, according to which it is the text that is the highest document in the legal system and is protected by political or legal judges. The political constitution opposes this view, sees the constitution as a battleground for political actors, and intends to remove it from the monopoly of judges and lawyer And in addition to the text, pay attention to the existing reality and the political atmosphere.we using descriptive and analytical methods, we seek to answer the question of what the political constitution means and what changes have taken place since its formation until today. This concept was first presented by John Griffiths. Although the general outlines of this concept were defined by him, the generations after Griffith made changes in this concept with the criticisms that were made on this concept. The political constitution helps to go beyond the text of the constitution, to pay more attention to the reality of the political world, and to allow all actors in the political arena to be present.


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