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public law College of Farabi University of Tehran


According to the articles 87 and 133 of the Constitution, president must take investiture vote for his ministers from Islamic Consultative Assembly. If representatives change during government tenure, it must not retake investiture vote for ministers. The vote is taken in individual format and on ministers’ qualifications and resume. In the case that the president fails to take investiture vot, there is no problem for the establishment of the government, it just make the the government form lately and there is no dissolving parliament. The comparasion of the format, political context and the effect of no investiture vote between parliamentary and semi- presidential systems and Islamic republic of Iran shows some differences. In contrast, it seems that the investiture vote in Islamic Republic of Iran is more similar to Appointment Confirmation process in presidential systems. Compatibility of the aforementioned vote in Islamic Republic of Iran with the triple elements in the both legal institutions, proves the above assumption.


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