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1 Faculty Member at University of Mazandaran

2 Faculty of Law and Political sciences, University of Mazandaran


Urban agriculture is closely related to the natural and urban environment. Urban agriculture is an irreplaceable part of a city, and regulating urban agriculture depends on legal, economic and social factors. Although in the legal history of Iran, agricultural activity is concluded in urban laws and regulations, due to the traditional perception of agriculture, "urban agriculture" has not been considered an in-danger activity and has not been given independent attention by the legal system. The question of this article is whether there is an independent legal system to recognize, maintain and develop agriculture. This article deals with the challenges of the formation and development of urban agriculture with a descriptive-analytical method while answering the mentioned question. According to the assessment of this article, the legal challenges of urban agriculture, include the multiplicity of laws and regulations and administrative authorities, the inefficient criminal approach to preserving agriculture, the deficiencies of urban development plans, and the ease of the administrative mechanism of changing Agricultural use. Also, the lack of reliance on sustainable sources of income, the approach of earning money from changing the use of agricultural lands, and the economic issues of citizens are among the financial and economic challenges.


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