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1 Assistant Prof , Department of Law , Yazd University , Yazd, Iran

2 Assistant Prof , Department of Law , Yazd University


The approval of the constitution and its amendment can be considered as one of the important achievements of Iran's constitutional movement in the late Qajar era.A document that, despite all the theoretical and practical challenges that existed about its approval was able to establish a new legal order on Iranian governance for the first time and provide the basis for limiting the power and guaranteeing the fundamental rights and freedoms of the nation.Examining the course of evolution of this document in the next historical stage- the first Pahlavi period- can help to explain the history of constitutional law and recognize the contemporary history of Iran.From this point of view, this article analyzes and examines the fate of the constitution during the first Pahlavi era and has examined the revision process of the constitution and its change and weakening due to the mechanism of interpretation. The findings of the research indicate that in the post-constitutional era, despite the fading of tyranny, the preservation of territorial integrity, and Iran's achievement of modern life and some progress, the conflicts between the traditional authoritarian order and the democratic order continued and with the dominance of Rezashahi's authority, the priority of constitution has been damaged.


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