Document Type : Research Paper


1 Tehran Central branch of Islamic Azad University

2 Assistant Professor, Department of Law, Shahed University, Tehran, Iran

3 university of tehran


Today, state's utilization of international watercourses is very important considering the essential role of water in human life and livelihood. Although this issue is subject to a unique legal regime in a special way, it also has very important aspects of human rights. Currently, the water crisis in the Hirmand Basin has human rights aspects more than ever before. The right to access to water, the right to health, and finally the right to life are among the rights that need to be respected and protected in national and international dimensions. The present paper is also related to the explanation of various dimensions of human rights, as well as the examination of international legal and judicial rulings that can be applied to the subject and their application through analogy and induction with the current crisis of the Hirmand basin mentioned the requirements of human and transboundary rights in this particular case, and then by explaining the current legal gaps, explained the minimum approaches to respect, protect and implement the right to access to water as an appropriate international legal solution


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