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Graduated with a PhD in International Law from Najaf Abad Azad University


Today, the penetration of artificial intelligence in various fields has made its control and development one of the most challenging issues. The right to health is one of the fields that have always been affected by the progress of this technology and has caused extensive changes in this field. By examining the effects of artificial intelligence on the right to health as one of the components of human rights; The basic question is what are the negative and positive effects of artificial intelligence on the right to health?In the fundamental components of the right to health, as well as the rights related to the right to health, such as the right to work, education, human dignity, non-discrimination, privacy, access to information, etc., despite the positive effects of this technology, we also see harm. So that the violation of human dignity, the right to privacy and the principle of non-discrimination and the possibility of access for everyone and the responsibility of users are among the worrying issues of the development of this technology in the field of the right to health, which should be considered in the field of protection.


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