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Industrial development and application of wide range of modern
technologies are one of the influential factors in the increase of investment,
economic growth and promotion of social welfare. However, according to
conducted research and existing empirical evidence, those factors have brought
about negative environmental impacts such as climate change and global
warming. Here, patent system as a main legal framework to encourage and
protect innovations, inventions and industrial progress has an undeniable role in
the extent of such negative environmental impacts. Biological pollution is mainly
the result of industrial activities and application of technologies that were or are
protected under patent laws. Since the Convention on Biological Diversity
emphasizes on the necessity of the preservation of environment and sustainable
development, this Article tries to identify and clarify the legal gaps in patent
laws by studying the patent protection theories and rationales, and further
through the analysis of such laws and international cases put forward a number
of solutions to the environmental challenges by offering some suggestions
regarding the amendment of patent system.

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