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Principles of International Environmental Law in Light of International Case Law

Seyd Fazlolah Mousavi; Sey Hossein Hosseini; Seyd Hossein Mousavi far

Volume 17, Issue 48 , December 2015, Pages 9-25


  Principles of international environmental law have been entered into international environmental law corpus by case law and international peaceful relations. In international relations, due to different international issues, disputes are commonplace. Today, the international disputes on the rise are ...  Read More

The Competent Authorities for Addressing the Recruitment Complaints in the Iranian Legal System; Ambiguities and Solutions

Vali Rostami; Samira Asghari

Volume 17, Issue 48 , December 2015, Pages 27-46


  Regulations governing the employment of human resources in Iran are studied in two separate legal systems. Provisions relating to public sector employment are studied in the administrative law and provisions relating to private sector employment are studied in the labor law. According to the existing ...  Read More

Necessities and Challenges of Evidences Disclosure; Manifestation of Defensive Rights of the Accused in ICC's Statute

Javad Salehi

Volume 17, Issue 48 , December 2015, Pages 47-67


  Disclosure of evidences to the accused is one of his defensive right components. Criminal Justice requires that the position of the accused in the criminal justice system be upgraded to the extent that he could defend himself. The accused is not entitled to use the facilities for collecting and presenting ...  Read More

Impact of the Realistic Theories of International Relations on Development of International Law

Mahdi Firoz Abadian; Mahmoud Jalali; Leili Raeisi

Volume 17, Issue 48 , December 2015, Pages 69-95


  The aim of this paper is to examine the impact of realistic theories of international relations on the development of international law. Realists, because of the anarchy in the international system, focus on power rather than the law. For this reason, they consider the relationship between power and ...  Read More

Legal Necessities of Institutional Budget

mahdi rezaii

Volume 17, Issue 48 , December 2015, Pages 97-117


  Research about the budget in Iran has a long history. In this research, we will explain components of the outside-systematic approach to the legal budget system and the obstacles to its reform in Iran with regard to the institutional analysis. This research achievement, regardless of the introduction ...  Read More

Examination of the Role of Patent Regime in the Protection of Environment (with a Particular Emphasis on the CBD)

Mehdi Zahedi; Mohammad Hossein Erfn Manesh; Seyd Mohammad Tabatabae'i Nejad

Volume 17, Issue 48 , December 2015, Pages 119-134


  Industrial development and application of wide range of modern technologies are one of the influential factors in the increase of investment, economic growth and promotion of social welfare. However, according to conducted research and existing empirical evidence, those factors have brought about negative ...  Read More

Legal Pluralism Reflection on the of Binding Nature of Legal Rule and Parameters of the Evolution of Legal System

Mehdi Shahabi

Volume 17, Issue 48 , December 2015, Pages 135-163


  Legal pluralism can be limited to formal and technical analyses; it could mean the governing of different legal mechanism to identical situations. Meanwhile, this meaning of legal pluralism hinders the judgment of all realities of the legal system and its development. Legal pluralism should not be investigated ...  Read More