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The development of technologies associated to mobile, and, also increase of customers’ demands to take advantage from the foresaid technologies have led to new technologies on mobile. One of the most considerable technologies is to transfer the mobile operator, without any number portability. This issue is known significant; because there are some customers who cannot exchange their SIM card, although they may not be satisfied with their operator. Since achieving more economic profits and, growth of competition in telecommunication markets are known as goals of said prerogative, the economic aspects have influenced, so notably, on regulation and legal requirements of the technology. Hence, regarding the significance of the legal aspects of the event, to which it’s been referred, in this study, the legal aspects of technology are being analyzed. Both legal frameworks identified mandatory by the regulatory authority and considering regulation methods on the technology are analyzed in this article. Moreover, since this issue is a recent phenomenon in Iran, the legal aspects of the technology in Iran have been studied.


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