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the concept of judicial bill

Javad Kashani

Volume 18, Issue 53 , March 2017, Pages 9-27


  According to article 158 (2) constitution, the head of the judiciary branch is responsible for Drafting judiciary bills appropriate for the Islamic Republic. So however according to article 74 government bills are presented to the Assembly after receiving the approval of the Council of Ministers. Members' ...  Read More

Monitoring the Human Rights Implementation by International NGOs

niloofar saeedi; pouria askary

Volume 18, Issue 53 , March 2017, Pages 29-57


  International human rights NGOs undertake a wide range of activities to monitor the implementation of human rights in all parts of the world. These organizations, inter alia, gather information of human rights violations, protect victims of abuses and also pave the way for cooperation or in some cases ...  Read More

Analysis the concept of “Eminent Domain” Case Study Public Use Clause with special reference to “Kelo” case

mahdi rezaei; Mahdi Mahdavi Zahed; Mahdi Moradi Berelian

Volume 18, Issue 53 , March 2017, Pages 1-1


  Eminent Domain is the legal term describing the government's right to take private property, without the owner’s consent, to provide some benefit to the public use, but the power of eminent domain and the classic freedom stemming from property rights are fundamentally opposed. So the power may ...  Read More

Excellent Principles of “Cape Town Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipments (2001)” with Regard to Aircraft Finance

mojtaba Eshraghi Arani

Volume 18, Issue 53 , March 2017, Pages 77-95


  Aircraft finance has been followed with various legal challenges in international venue as a result of the aircraft natural characteristics; so that financiers have always faced with risk of non-recognition of thier rights or related privilages or denial of or inefficient exercise of of their remedies ...  Read More

Legal Conditions of Application of Universal Jurisdiction in international Law

seyd yaser ziaee

Volume 18, Issue 53 , March 2017, Pages 97-122


  The event of transnational crimes entailed to the reviewing of tradition bases of jurisdiction like territorial and personal jurisdictions. So universal jurisdiction as a legal base for prosecute of international crimes came to internal laws of States. discard with the source and nature of universal ...  Read More

counterclaim in practice of international court of justice
Volume 18, Issue 53 , March 2017, Pages 123-148


  One of the most important legal issues which is mentioned in rules of ICJ is Counterclaim. This issue is mentioned in rules of both permanent international court of justice and ICJ and now is noticed in article 80 of rules. Article 80 considers two elements that if a claim enjoys them, it will be called ...  Read More

The Relationship between Sanction Committee 1737 and Joint Commission in Light of Implementation of Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action: Terminating or Suspending?

Abdollah Abedini; Zahra Sadat Sharegh

Volume 18, Issue 53 , March 2017, Pages 149-171


  The conclusion of Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) has made significant changes in the process of discussions about Iran’s nuclear program in Security Council. One of these important changes was alternation of SC’s approach about Sanction Committee 1737. The content of resolution ...  Read More

Extraterritorial Applicability of International Obligations of States in the Field of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

ehsan javid; Saber Niavarani

Volume 18, Issue 53 , March 2017, Pages 173-198


  International Covenant of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights draws the content of international obligations of states parties to the Covenant in article 2. The Covenant obliges states parties to enter into international cooperation and assistance for the full realization of the highest attainable standards ...  Read More

Government’s supervision on endowments: study on challenges of receiving observer’s fee from endowments by endowment and charity affairs organization

Keyvan Sedaghati; Mohammad Jalali

Volume 18, Issue 53 , March 2017, Pages 199-216


  Abstract: management of Public endowment affairs without a trustee or an unknown one and private endowment have been delegated to endowment and charity affairs organization under certain conditions. Supervisor is an authority that the settler appoints for supervising trustee’s affairs and accurately ...  Read More