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The Obstacles to Establish the Desired Satellite Television Model in Iranian Legal System

S.Ghasem Zamani; behnaz ahmadvand

Volume 20, Issue 61 , July 2019, Pages 9-39


  Incredible development in communications, especially in the last two decades, has changed the entire worlds communications system. The main accessibility to new information system by advanced technology and huge investments in this field shows a new description of power and its balance in the present ...  Read More

Textualist Approach in Legal Interpretation: with Emphasis on Islamic Republic of Iran Constitution

Sajad Afshar

Volume 20, Issue 61 , July 2019, Pages 41-63


  Because of linguistic ambiguity, silence, contradiction of contents and executive or moral issues, the interpretation of legal texts becomes inevitable. Traditionally, statutory and constitutional theories of interpreting are appeared in two forms: writer- based and interpreter- based. Despite their ...  Read More

Evaluation the Relation between Duty to Give Reasons Principle and Rule of Law

mahdi rezaei; nima khosravi

Volume 20, Issue 61 , July 2019, Pages 65-92


  The main idea of this article is that in contemporary legal thinking, the duty to give reasons has become an inseparable part of Rule of Law. However, it should be asked that how the Rule of Law can be understood as constituting the “Rule of Reasons” principle? The very notion of this article ...  Read More

The Role of Piercing the Corporate Veil doctrine in determination of foreign investor's nationality in ICSID Arbitration Procedure

hamed zamami; Ali Moghaddam Abrishami

Volume 20, Issue 61 , July 2019, Pages 93-120


  The doctrine of ‘corporate veil’ is one of most controversial issues in international arbitration. Arbitral tribunals have taken different views as to whether the corporate veil should be lifted in investment arbitration. In ICSID arbitration, this doctrine has been discussed in the context ...  Read More

Legal Dimensions of Inter-Basin Water Transfer

Masoud Faryadi

Volume 20, Issue 61 , July 2019, Pages 121-150


  Inter-basin water transfer has been suggested as a short-time solution to the water scarcity problem. However, this solution makes some environmental, social and economic problems including but not limited to endangering water resources, unequal distribution of social and economic costs and benefits. ...  Read More

Guardianship and and pro-participation: an analysis of functions' effects of the right to assembly in citizen-state relationship

ariyan ghassemi; aliakbar gorji; sayed mohammad sadegh Ahmadi

Volume 20, Issue 61 , July 2019, Pages 151-177


  The right to freedom of assembly is one of the civil liberties that can function collectively. This right recognized as a human right, has played a significant role in the various protest rallies in the various historical periods, especially in recent years. Therefore, the study of the functions of the ...  Read More

Environmentally-Displaced Persons in International Law: Conceptual Ambiguity and the Need for a Legal Framework

Sassan Modarress Sabzevary; Seyed Mohammad G. Seyed Fatemi

Volume 20, Issue 61 , July 2019, Pages 179-207


  Environmental displacement might come in variety of forms (forced or voluntary; permanent or temporary; and internal or international). Not only is it impossible, but also irrelevant, to categorize displaced persons based on their motives, and separate environmental factors from economic incentives. ...  Read More

Constitutionalisation of Private Law

yousef molaei; Mortaza Hajipour

Volume 20, Issue 61 , July 2019, Pages 209-234


  The purpose of the constitutionalisation of private law is the influence of constitutional norms on private relations. Contrary to traditional views, the guaranteed rights of the constitution are not the only means of defending individuals against the state, but it is necessary to apply and interpret ...  Read More

Changes of Ground of Reasonableness in USA Judicial Review

khadijeh shojaeian

Volume 20, Issue 61 , July 2019, Pages 235-259


  Reasonableness is one aspect of judicial review in the common law system. Its origin was in England, however it has been introduced and applied in other countries with some modifications. This criterion is used in the US legal system as one way of violating the informal rules of administrative agencies ...  Read More

Reasonableness and Legality of Judicial Decisions by the General Board of Administrative Justice Court; Defect in Invoking to the Constitution

Abdolmajid Soudmandi

Volume 20, Issue 61 , July 2019, Pages 261-289


  Reasonableness and Legality of judicial decisions are among the most accepted legal principles governing judicial and quasi-judicial institutions, and the Administrative Justice Court (“AJC”) as a judicial institution is subject to this rule. However, it is undeniable that in some cases, ...  Read More

Jus Cogens As The Most Prominent Substantial Factor Of International Legal Order

alireza Ebrahimgol

Volume 20, Issue 61 , July 2019, Pages 291-316


  International law, as a scientific trend, has various components (systems, regimes and (sets) of legal rules) that are united by the status or factors so as to become a system. One of the concepts claimed to act as unifying factor in the constituents of international law, making hierarchy and order is ...  Read More