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Concept of Power and Public Order in Postmodern Thought
Volume 20, Issue 59 , June 2018, Pages 9-32


  The concept of power has always been controversial and disputed between political thinkers and philosophers. Modern paradigm of power has taken shape around the idea of Hobbes where power is based on the concept of sovereignty and understanding in relation to the government. This concept of power has ...  Read More

Precautionary in International Law: A Customary Principle or a General Principle of Law?

Abbasali KadKhodaei; Asma Salari

Volume 20, Issue 59 , June 2018, Pages 33-63


  It took humankind a long time to realize its inability to understand different aspects of environmental risks and find that it would bear irreversible damage if such a risk occurs. Knowing the vulnerability of the environment and the limitations of science to accurately predict threats to it, led to ...  Read More

A Survey on the Legal Requirements of Local Content Utilization in the Upstream Petroleum Industry

Seyed Nasrollah Ebrahimi; saede ghasemi

Volume 20, Issue 59 , June 2018, Pages 64-96


  Recently, the resource-rich countries by adopting a variety of policies has intended to increase their shares in petroleum operations. The law enactment as to the requirement for local content utilization is a way through employing the workforces, equipment and products locally provided in the territory ...  Read More

Challenge of Arbitrators in ICSID Investment Arbitration: A Critique and an Appropriate Solution
Volume 20, Issue 59 , June 2018, Pages 98-116


  Challenge of arbitrators is a controversial issue in international arbitration in general and in ICSID Arbitration in particular. There is a consensus that the lack of impartiality and independency leads arbitrators to be challenged. However, there is a duality of standards for challenging arbitrators. ...  Read More

IHL and the Use of Explosive Conventional Weapons in Populated Areas
Volume 20, Issue 59 , June 2018, Pages 118-139


  Recent armed conflicts have confirmed that the use of explosive weapons is a major cause of civilian death and injury and destruction and damage of civilian residences and critical civilian infrastructure. Although there is no dispute that any use of explosive weapons in populated areas must comply ...  Read More

Analyzing Licensing System for Music Concert and Its Supervision in Iran
Volume 20, Issue 59 , June 2018, Pages 140-164


  The strategy of government for facing with music concert is examined from viewpoint of either intervention or supervision. In the intervention strategy through security forces, the government enforces artists for receiving prior permission and license for holding music concerts. In fact, applying ...  Read More

The changes of civil liability of state for issuing and enforcement of judicial decision after ratification of new Islamic criminal code and the code of criminal procedure

Habibollah Rahimi

Volume 20, Issue 59 , June 2018, Pages 168-191


  After Islamic revolution in Iran, principle 171 of the Constitution made a very serious change in civil liability of State and judges. The State became liable for the mistake of judges though the act of judges is an act of State authority which did not cause liability for State according to article 11 ...  Read More

An analysis of the relation between reforms implemented by Amir Kabir and Sepahsalar in the judiciary system of the Nasery era

mahmood mortezaeefatd; ali bigdeli; alireza ali soofi

Volume 20, Issue 59 , June 2018, Pages 192-218


  During the Naseri era, both Amir Kabir and Sepahsalar had reforming plans for the judiciary system. The most significant challenges of their administration period included the religious versus conventional courts, the extent to which clergymen could intervene in judiciary affairs and a change of attitude ...  Read More

Analysis of the Principles and Issues of the Costs of Litigations in Administrative Actions: A case study of the Administrative Tribunal Court
Volume 20, Issue 59 , June 2018, Pages 220-240


  This paper attempt to review the biases of taking costs of proceedings in the administrative litigations. the 1392 administration and rules of procedure in Iranian administrative court tribunal act in Article 19, has been appointed that the cost of proceedings in the lower branches was one hundred thousand ...  Read More