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Anthropology Reading of Heidegger and its Impact on Philosophy of Modern Public Law

ali Mashhadi; . ranagaini . ranagaini

Volume 23, Issue 73 , February 2022, , Pages 135-152


  According to article 98 of the Civil Service Management Act of Iran, “the acceptance of foreign citizenship” by staff and executives provided that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmation, will result in termination of their public service. Acceptance of citizenship of a foreign country ...  Read More

A Review of Environmental Requirements Applicable on the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry Stipulated in theFundamental Legal Instruments of Iran

Mashhadi Ali; Hasan Khosroshahi; Maryam Separdar

Volume 20, Issue 62 , July 2019, , Pages 217-242


  Iran, as the holder of world’s fourth largest oil reserves and world’s largest gas reserves, is sensibly exposed to pollutions resulting from oil and gas industry which is its most important economy sector. A significant portion of these pollutions is caused by the upstream oil and gas industry ...  Read More

Analysis of the Principles and Issues of the Costs of Litigations in Administrative Actions: A case study of the Administrative Tribunal Court
Volume 20, Issue 59 , June 2018, , Pages 220-240


  This paper attempt to review the biases of taking costs of proceedings in the administrative litigations. the 1392 administration and rules of procedure in Iranian administrative court tribunal act in Article 19, has been appointed that the cost of proceedings in the lower branches was one hundred thousand ...  Read More

Compensation for Environmental Damages according to the Draft Principles on the Allocation of Loss in the Case of Transboundary Harm Arising out of Hazardous Activities Adopted by International Law Commission (2006)

Atiyeh Shah hosseini; Ali Mashhadi

Volume 19, Issue 55 , September 2017, , Pages 141-165


  Compensation of transboundary environmental damages, especially in the case of hazardous activities is one of the complex issues of international environmental law. Sometimes in spite of taking all preventive measures, some authorized and legitimate activities of States that are generally dangerous can ...  Read More

The Effects of Imposed Sanctions against Iran on Environment, Energy & Technology Transfer in International Law

Ali Mashhadi; Mahnaz Rashidi

Volume 16, Issue 46 , September 2015, , Pages 103-123

  International sanctions against Iran have had various effects at national level. This paper has examined the effects of sanctions on the environment, energy and technology transfer areas from the international view point. The fundamental assumption of this paper is that sanctions on the environment violate ...  Read More