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Protection of the Right to Mental health against Covid-19 in the light of Article 12 of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural

hassan khosravi

Volume 22, Issue 67 , December 2020, Pages 9-39


  < p >Natural and unnatural events and disasters always threaten human life, so the protection of human life against them is very important. As one of the most contagious diseases, Corona virus (Covid-19) has affected the lives of all people around the world and has damaged the fundamental rights of mental ...  Read More

State of Emergency and Limitation of Fundamental Rights: The Measures of the Italian Government to Fight against Covid-19

Ali Reza Jalali; Mohammad Abouata

Volume 22, Issue 67 , December 2020, Pages 41-61


  The spread of Coronavirus in Italy has created the conditions for the government to declare the State of emergency. It has given the opportunity to manage the crisis, but has also limited people's fundamental rights. In this research, through the deductive-descriptive method, we will try to answer this ...  Read More

Covid-19 Crisis and Due Diligence Principle in International Law

Massoud Alizadeh

Volume 22, Issue 67 , December 2020, Pages 63-82


  Coronavirus crisis that began since November 2019 in China influenced the entire World rapidly. This crisis provoked some important questions regarding its legal aspects. One of these questions was about the duty of States in realm of individuals’ rights. Due diligence in international law should ...  Read More

The Obligation of the State of Origin and Other States to Prevent of Corona’s (Covid-19) Transboundary Damages

Siamak Karimi

Volume 22, Issue 67 , December 2020, Pages 83-111


  Three months after the outbreak of the Coronavirus (Covid-19), more than 200 countries around the world have been infected with this virus. The wide and transboundary dimensions of this disease make it necessary to examine those obligations that States must bear to prevent and compensate transnational ...  Read More

Suspension of Human Rights Commitments of States in Necessity: Covid-19 Crisis

Bahram Pashmi

Volume 22, Issue 67 , December 2020, Pages 111-140


  According to the international human rights system, human beings have an inherent right to enjoy human rights. In the meantime, although governments are obliged to fully comply with them, those rights are linked to life and survival issues, as well as the security and stability of the States. However, ...  Read More

Corona virus and Scope of freedom of expression in the field of public hygiene

HOSSEIN ESMAEILNASAB; roya yousefi; ehsan sheikhzade

Volume 22, Issue 67 , December 2020, Pages 141-166


  Citizens' freedom of expression in the field of public health is closely related to other concepts such as national security, public morality, rights and freedoms of others And with justifiable restrictions on its expression by citizens in a number of international instruments, including Article 19 of ...  Read More

Principles of Prohibition of Nutritional Consumption and Trade of Wild Animals under International Law: The Transmission of the Covid-19 Virus from Animals to Humans

Amir Maghami; Mohammad Reza Mellat; Masoud Ahsan Nejad

Volume 22, Issue 67 , December 2020, Pages 167-191


  As the reports of World Health Organization have proved so far, source of Covid-19 is the zoonotic virus which has been transmitted to human. Consumption of wild animals by humans as a source of nutrition is the main reason of emergence of these deadly diseases which has not only threatened the safety ...  Read More

Covid-19 Crisis and Environmental Law: Opportunities and Challenges

Erfan Shams

Volume 22, Issue 67 , December 2020, Pages 193-218


  With the outbreak of Covid-19 in the world, many measures have been taken to reduce the effects of this pandemic. The most important of these was the recommendation to "stay home", which became the main line of slogans. With this recommendation, schools, offices and factories were closed. Covid-19 pandemic ...  Read More