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Recognizing the Incompetency of the President in the Constitutional Law of the Islamic Republic of Iran

hamidreza moghaddasin; Ali Akbar Gorji Azazndariani

Volume 22, Issue 68 , February 2021, Pages 9-36


  One of the requirement of a democratic society is that any governing body arising from the people and authorities must be accountable to the people or their representatives for their conducts. ‌‌‌Therefore, the president, as the political official responsible over the government, namely as the ...  Read More

Nature of Supervisory Council on Executing Constitution in Iran and Algeria

Mehdi Rezaei; Rooholla Alidadzadeh

Volume 22, Issue 68 , February 2021, Pages 37-59


  One of the manifestations of rule of law is constitutionalism that entered into legal-political arena in the 18th century. Henceforth, many countries have considered the Constitution as the main manifestation of constitutionalism. Accordingly, Algeria and Iran had their own Constitution in 1963 and 1906 ...  Read More

The Concept of Rights: Views of Bentham and Khoei

Mohammad Rasekh; Mohsen Ghasemi

Volume 22, Issue 68 , February 2021, Pages 61-83


  The main focus of this research is on the nature and origin of rights. Jeremy Bentham totally rejects the notion of extra-legal rights. For him, it is only legal rights that are valid and imply a benefit for its holders. Sayyid Abu al-Qasim al-Khoei's believed that rights’ validity derives from ...  Read More

The Feasibility Study of Aggregation of Pension Funds in Iran’s Social Security

aliakbar masoumi; seyed mohamad hashemi; vali rostami

Volume 22, Issue 68 , February 2021, Pages 85-110


  One of the mechanisms that is foreseen in the Iranian legal system to monitor retirement funds and to create synergies between them is the aggregation of retirement funds. Combining funds in terms of pooling of funds by maintaining their own legal personality under the supervision of a superior institution ...  Read More

Stability Clause in Foreign Investment Contracts from Administrative Law View

Bijan Abbasi; Ali Sohrabloo

Volume 22, Issue 68 , February 2021, Pages 111-140


  The entry of foreign private individuals into the contract with the Administration is always accompanied by this concern that the Administration by using its instruments of governance, violates the terms of equality of the parties at the time of concluding the contract and will do such acts like the ...  Read More

Irregularities and Weaknesses of the Clean Air Act Compared to the Prevention of Air Pollution Act

Abdolmajid Soudmandi

Volume 22, Issue 68 , February 2021, Pages 141-170


  After half a century from the first provisions on air pollution of Iranian cities in the Amendment of Some Provisions and Addendum of New Provisions to the Municipal Act of 1967 and on the basis of experiences gained from 22-year enforcement of the Prevention of Air Pollution Act of 1995, the Iranian ...  Read More

Conservation of Marine Biological Diversity and Genetic Resources in Areas beyond National Jurisdiction as Common Heritage of Mankind

Zakieh Taghizadeh; Mahdi Haddadi

Volume 22, Issue 68 , February 2021, Pages 171-203


  Sustainable development of the oceans and regulating the seas by the application of the rule of law is considered as one of the most recent phenomena in the field of international law of the sea. Because of the exacerbated challenges and threats posed on the marine environment and the growing decline ...  Read More

Shooting Down of the US Drone by Iranian Forces from International Law Perspective

Siamak Karamzadeh; Abdollah Abedini

Volume 22, Issue 68 , February 2021, Pages 203-226


  On 20 June, 2019, a U.S. drone was shot down by the Iranian forces while spying above the Iran’s territory. It is said by the Iranian officials that the drone ignored the warning signals. Under the 1944 Chicago Convention, military and civilian aircrafts including drones shall be flown over territories ...  Read More

The Binding Nature of Interim Measures Issued by Human Rights Treaty Bodies

Alireza Ebrahimgol; Seyed Ahmad Tabatabaei Lotfi; Hasan Khosroshahi

Volume 22, Issue 68 , February 2021, Pages 227-256


   UN Human Rights Treaty Bodies play an essential role in the promotion of State parties’ compliance with international human rights treaties, through examination of complaints filed pursuant to individual communications procedure. These bodies, despite of their quasi-judicial function, are ...  Read More

Conflict in the Implementation of Human Rights; Challenges and Resolutions

mostafa fazaeli; Seyed Mojtaba Shakeri

Volume 22, Issue 68 , February 2021, Pages 257-289


  There are occasions when several human rights are to be enforced at the same time, but the exercise of all may not be possible in certain circumstances i. e., exercising a right by violating another one, known as the "conflict of human rights". In today’s world, where human rights are a concern ...  Read More

The Legal Aspects of Helmand River Utilization

Narges Akbari; Ali Mashhadi; Hossein kazemi

Volume 22, Issue 68 , February 2021, Pages 291-324


  The Hirmand International River is a border river between Afghanistan and Iran, whose source originated on the territory of Afghanistan, and has been one of the legal-political subjects between Iran and Afghanistan since the signing of the Paris Convention of 1857.Afghanistan's goal is to provide water ...  Read More

The Concept, Status, and Models of Equality in the International Literature on Women’s Rights

ata allah salehi

Volume 22, Issue 68 , February 2021, Pages 325-359


  Sometimes the experience of women is an unpleasant combination of marginalization, violence and cultural domination. To ethically encounter with this situation, one approach is equality; however, its content is controversial due to its open source text. Equality is a descriptive concept, and normative; ...  Read More

Creation of Marine Protected Areas on the High Seas; A New United Nations Model and its Challenges

Javad salehi

Volume 22, Issue 68 , February 2021, Pages 361-388


  Creation of Marine Protected Areas on the High Seas is one of the United Nations goals in new executive agreement that its dimensions are subject of this study. Main question is that the UN's ahead Challenges in the creation and management of Marine Protected Areas on the High Seas? Findings of this ...  Read More