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Withdrawal from JCPOA and Compensation for Non-performance of International Commercial Contracts

ebrahim shoarian; Touraj Jamshidi

Volume 22, Issue 69 , June 2021, Pages 9-33


  The United States’ unilateral withdrawal from the JCPOA, as a deal which was the result of the efforts between Iran and the P5+1 to reach a major international agreement, overshadowed the implementation of International commercial contracts due to reinstatement of the sanctions. The return of sanctions, ...  Read More

The Legality of Courts Established by Armed Groups in the Context of NIAC with an Emphasis on the Stockholm District Court Judgment

Iman Montazeri; Mohammad Hossein Ramezani Ghavam Abadi

Volume 22, Issue 69 , June 2021, Pages 34-64


  One of the significant features of NIAC (non-international armed conflict) is the establishment of a court by armed groups. Though states consider the establishment of a court as a sovereign privilege that belongs only to the states, armed groups consider the establishment of a court as a means to maintain ...  Read More

ICC Restrictions Regarding its Activation of Jurisdiction over Crime of Aggression

Sadegh Salimi

Volume 22, Issue 69 , June 2021, Pages 67-90


  After more than 70 years since the last and so far the only prosecution of the crime of aggression in an international judicial body, the International Criminal Court’s jurisdiction over aggression was activated in 17 July 2018. It took nearly two decades since the ICC Statute adoption in 1998 ...  Read More

The Relationship between International and Domestic Law in the Field of Attribution of Responsibility to a State in International Investment Disputes

Elham Amidimehr; Jamal Seifi

Volume 22, Issue 69 , June 2021, Pages 91-117


  The attributability of actions to states within the context of investment treaty disputes and to focus on the roles played by international and domestic laws in such attributions have caught the attention of jurists in recent years. The ILC Draft Articles on Responsibility of States for Internationally ...  Read More

Legal Nature of the Jurisdiction of Coastal State on the Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage in the Contiguous Zone

Mohammad Razavirad; Janet Blake

Volume 22, Issue 69 , June 2021, Pages 119-141


  The 1982 Convention on the Law of the Sea has devoted one of its provisions to protect the underwater cultural heritage in the contiguous zone. Article 303(2), contains a legal presumption in favor of the coastal state on removing the cultural heritage from the bed of contiguous zone. The relation of ...  Read More

A Reflection on Global Compact on Migration

Mehryat Dashab; Sara Davarpour

Volume 22, Issue 69 , June 2021, Pages 142-174


  Historically, the framework for the Global Compact on Migration is founded in UN development, in particular Goal 10.7 of the Sustainable Development Agenda 2030. The Global Compact on Migration (2018) as the first attempt to provide international migration governance with a comprehensive framework seeks ...  Read More

Legal Aspects of Attachment of Aircraft under Iranian Law and the International Conventions

mojtaba Eshraghi Arani

Volume 22, Issue 69 , June 2021, Pages 175-202


  Aircraft has strategic status for the states, so that it has been regulated in every respect in both international and national contexts. No one may deny the invaluable role of air transport in the economy of all countries, as any pause in the aircrafts operation may encounter the objection of passengers ...  Read More

A Reflection on the Invalidation of Patents in the Light of Constituent Elements of Indirect Expropriation under Foreign Investment Law

Ebrahim Rahbari; Mahdi Shahabi; Soroosh Falahati

Volume 22, Issue 69 , June 2021, Pages 203-233


  Patents are considered as investments protected under the International Investment Law. Although, these properties are protected under the principle of territoriality, similar to other investments, they can be expropriated as a result of host states’ regulatory measures inconsistent with protection ...  Read More

Inclusion of the Sanctions as the Overriding Mandatory Rules in Referring to the Governing law

Esmat Golshani; Seyed Mahdi Hosseini Modarres

Volume 22, Issue 69 , June 2021, Pages 234-258


  In case of reference to a law as governing law, whether determined through the application of conflict of laws rule or is agreed by the parties, the question is whether this reference to the governing law involves all its legal provisions such as, inter alia, those which merely protect public interests ...  Read More

From Idealism to Realism; a Survey in the Basis of International Law

S. Ali Hosseiniazad; Mahshid Ajeli lahiji; Majid Zahmatkesh

Volume 22, Issue 69 , June 2021, Pages 259-293


  Idealism and Realism have always been under considerations by different fields of studies, inter alia, the law. While Idealism pays attention to the emergence of the ideals, Realism relies on the necessity of the acceptance of existent realities. International law from the prospect of its legal basis ...  Read More