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International Law
The Approach of the International Criminal Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia and Rwanda to the Principle of Legal Security

Vahid Salehi; Mohammad Hashemi; Seyed Ghasem Zamani

Volume 25, Issue 81 , December 2024, Pages 6-47


  IntroductionThe present article deals with the study and review of the theoretical foundations and practical practice of the International Criminal Tribunal for former Yugoslavia and Rwanda courts in dealing with the concept of legal security. Since security, as a situation that brings forth mental ...  Read More

International Law
The Role of Public Participation in Ensuring of Women's Access to the Right to Development

Sattar Azizi; Keivan Eghbali

Volume 25, Issue 81 , December 2024, Pages 47-80


  IntroductionResearch Question(s) The right to development brings forth an approach to the development of human societies in which all human rights standards are considered and the economic development of the nation is fundamentally integrated into the human right to development. Although women make ...  Read More

Environmental law
A Sociological Look at the Efficacy of International Environmental Norms

Wahid Kowthari; Mostafa Fazaeli

Volume 25, Issue 81 , December 2024, Pages 81-120


  IntroductionDespite the abundance of international environmental norms, for various reasons, such as their implementation conflict with the developmental concerns of countries or the lack of consensus at the global level regarding environmental hazards, these norms have not been effective. The GEO-6 ...  Read More

International Law
Internationalization of Constitutional Laws; Opportunities and Challenges

Seyed Hossein Malakooti Hashjin; Nasim Soleymani nejad; Seyed Ali Mousavi

Volume 25, Issue 81 , December 2024, Pages 121-146


  Introduction In today's world, with phenomena such as globalization, rapid changes in the international arena, and their effects on human rights and freedoms, the significance of the internationalization of constitutional laws as a link between the public laws of states and international law is growing ...  Read More

Public Law
The Standards of the Right to Peaceful Protest and the Government’s Responsibility to Facilitate Its Implementation in Light of International Documents

Abdollah Ghaderi; Haneh Farkish; Arkan Sharifi

Volume 25, Issue 81 , December 2024, Pages 147-184


  IntroductionAs a fundamental human right, the right to peaceful protest has always been the focus of governments. Therefore, after studying the concept and the legal framework concerning the exercise of this right according to the international documents, the constitution, important international principles, ...  Read More

Public Law
The Limits of the Competence of the Jurists of the Guardian Council in Supervising the Application of the General Principles of the Constitution

Mohammad Amin Abrishami Rad

Volume 25, Issue 81 , December 2024, Pages 185-214


  IntroductionArticle 4 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran has determined the jurists of the Guardian Council as the competent authority to exercise religious supervision over the application of the general principles of the Constitution. According to this article, "All civil, criminal, ...  Read More

International Law
An Evaluation of the Particular Examples of the Abuse of Dominant Position by the Use of Big Data in Competition Law

Ebrahim Rahbari

Volume 25, Issue 81 , December 2024, Pages 215-250


  IntroductionThe development of digital markets and the increasing importance of big data has brought new challenges in the concept of abuse of dominant position. In platform markets, the entry barriers and the presence of big tech giants (gatekeepers) who have taken over the market by employing big ...  Read More

International Law
Afghanistan's Obligation to Comply with Customary Rules Governing International Waterways

Sayed Murtaza Àbid; Mohammad Hosein Ramezani Ghavam Abadi

Volume 25, Issue 81 , December 2024, Pages 251-294


  IntroductionAfghanistan is a  country that shares four waterways (Hirmand, Kabul, Harirud, Amu) with neighboring countries. These watercourses are an important source of water supply in Afghanistan and its neighboring countries. Except for the Hirmand River which has the 1973 treaty as its governing ...  Read More