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Public Law
Competition Law on Digital Platforms; The need to Revise Traditional Rules

Mohammad Sadegh Farahani; Abasali Kadkhodaei; Vali Rostami

Volume 25, Issue 79 , August 2023, Pages 7-40


  1. IntroductionThe expansion of the Internet and its ever-increasing rate along with the rise of smart mobile phones have made Internet-based businesses one of the inseparable sectors of today's economy. The part that this type of business plays in today’s world economy is so much that now the ...  Read More

Labor Law
Supporting Employees of Arduous or Hazardous Clinical Jobs in the Light of the Case Law of the Administrative Court of Justice

Saeb Dast Peyman; Davoud Mohebbi; Ali Mashhadi

Volume 25, Issue 79 , August 2023, Pages 41-81


  1. IntroductionHuman rights such as the right to life, the right to health, the right to work and social security, and the right to a healthy environment call for supporting workers of arduous or hazardous jobs in forms of their right to enjoy a proper, healthy and hygienic work environment and support ...  Read More

Public Law
A Qualitative Assessment of Judicial Independence in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Hasanali Moazenzadegan; Seyed Mohammad Hosseini; Abdulqodus Arseen

Volume 25, Issue 79 , August 2023, Pages 83-126


  1. IntroductionA judge or a judicial system, that is not independent and is influenced by different factors is, unable of establishing justice; he/she is also unable to protect the rights and individual freedoms of people which calls into question the existential philosophy of that judicial system. People's ...  Read More

Public Law
Reconsideration of the President’s Responsibility before the Islamic Consultative Assembly: Interpellation or Impeachment

seyedeh zahra saeid

Volume 25, Issue 79 , August 2023, Pages 127-162


  1. IntroductionThe president’s interpellation before the Islamic Consultative Assembly (ICA), set in the Constitutional law of the Islamic Republic of Iran, has been a challenge. The cause of the challenge is the contrast between the 2nd clause of Article 89 of the Constitution and Article 114 ...  Read More

International Law
A Critical Look at International Law from the Perspective of the Third-World Approaches: Beginning of a Modern Era?

Amin Motamedi

Volume 25, Issue 79 , August 2023, Pages 163-204


  1. IntroductionIn recent years, there has been a growing trend in the “North and South” dialectics in all fields. International law is no exception to this rule. Recently, in international law studies, in particular, in philosophical discourses and historical development research regarding ...  Read More

Public Law
Legal Nature of the Supreme Technical Council and Critiques on Its Duties

Ebrahim Azizi; Farshad Farazmand; Hossein Taleqani Mansournejad; Mohammadhossein Osta

Volume 25, Issue 79 , August 2023, Pages 205-232


  1. IntroductionGovernmental development plans have always been a point of concern for countries in terms of how to use national wealth in these projects. Governments have tried to devise possible ways to make better use of public resources in development projects. One of the solutions provided in Iranian ...  Read More

Public Law
The Possibility to Use the Right to Be Wrong in the Eyes of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Javad Yahyazadeh; Ali Farhadian

Volume 25, Issue 79 , August 2023, Pages 233-264


  1. IntroductionThe most important or one of the most important concepts in the legal sciences and legal systems is the controversial concept of “right” which has a long history behind it. In the meantime, “The right to be wrong” has also entered legal texts and documents in addition ...  Read More

International Law
Revival of the Unwilling or Unable Doctrine in Jus ad Bellum Discourse; Critical Analysis in a Legal Positivist Look

Heidar Piri

Volume 25, Issue 79 , August 2023, Pages 265-302


  1. IntroductionIn recent years, one of the old, yet controversial doctrines of the law of neutrality -called "unwilling" and "unable"[1] doctrine- has been reformulated in the jus ad bellum discourse, according to which some states may use force in self-defense against non-state terrorist actors operating ...  Read More