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Public Law
The Relationship between Universalism in Human Rights and Unamendable Constitutional Rules; With a Reflection on the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Javad Yahyazadeh; Mohammad Mohammadi Gorgani

Volume 25, Issue 82 , April 2024, Pages 1-36


  Introduction Universalism stands as a cornerstone in the realm of human rights, representing both a fundamental and contentious principle. Its significance lies in being foundational, shaping the minimal framework of international human rights law and influencing various international documents and ...  Read More

International Law
Racial Discrimination Based on National Origin in the Light of the ICJ Judgement of 4 February 2021 in Qatar v. UAE Case

Mahdi Mohebirad; Mehryar Dashab

Volume 25, Issue 82 , April 2024, Pages 37-74


  IntroductionFollowing Qatar’s diplomatic crisis in 2017, the UAE implemented a series of measures against Qatar. In response, Qatar filed an application against the UAE at the International Court of Justice (ICJ), citing a violation of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms ...  Read More

International Law
A Comparative Review of the Registrability of Functional Features in Trademark Law and its Impacts on patient Health and Competition in the Pharmaceuticals.

Alireza Jabbari; Mohammad-Reza Parvin; Shahrouz Shokraie

Volume 25, Issue 82 , April 2024, Pages 75-118


  IntroductionTrade dress, as an instance of nontraditional trademarks, encompasses the overall visual image of a product, including elements such as size, shape, color or combinations thereof, packaging, textures, graphics, and even specific sales techniques. However, to qualify for legal protection ...  Read More

Public Law
Feasibility and Challenges of Prior Sharia Supervision over Regulations by Guardian Council Jurists

Mohammad Bahadori Jahromi; Hamid Feli; Mahdi Ebrahimi

Volume 25, Issue 82 , April 2024, Pages 119-154


  IntroductionThe Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran, particularly Principle (4), puts the emphasis on upholding Islamic standards in all legal norms. However, a priori sharia supervision over parliamentary approvals shall be exercised by the faqihs (Islamic jurists) of the Guardian Council ...  Read More

International Law
The Legal Nature of "Match-Fixing" in International Sports Law

Amirsaed Vakil; Ahmad Ebrahimi

Volume 25, Issue 82 , April 2024, Pages 155-194


  Introduction The joy and excitement that sports bring to fans worldwide, together with the principles of fairness and sportsmanship, requires that the results of sporting events should remain unpredictable and be determined solely based on the skill and will of the athletes, free from any interference ...  Read More

Public Law
An Introduction to the Regulation of Human Biobanks by Looking at the Legal System of Iran

Mahdi Moradi Berelian; Mohammad Ghsem Tangestani

Volume 25, Issue 82 , April 2024, Pages 195-240


  IntroductionIn recent decades, significant advancements in biomedicine have paved the way for the establishment of biobanks, serving as repositories for individual samples crucial in biological research. These samples are instrumental in identifying genetic diseases and developing appropriate treatments. ...  Read More

International Law
Prohibition of Reservation to the Principle of Non-Refoulement of Refugees in the Jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights

Mohammad Reza Mogadasifar; Farideh Shaygan

Volume 25, Issue 82 , April 2024, Pages 241-276


  IntroductionAsylum-seeking has emerged as a critical social issue at the international level in recent decades. Every year, millions of refugees leave their home countries or places of residence, seeking refuge in other countries to escape economic, military, political, and social crises. Refugees embark ...  Read More

Public Law
Institutional Doctrine of Law: Joseph Raz’s Last Solution for the Theory of a Legal System

Mohammad Mohseni Rad; Ali Akbar Gorji Azandariani

Volume 25, Issue 82 , April 2024, Pages 283-310


  IntroductionLegal system is a legal concept that has been addressed less directly, except in a few cases. Legal order and later on legal system were initially introduced into legal literature by German jurists. In the first half of the 19th century, scholars of public law in Germany pioneered the discussion ...  Read More