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Comparative Approach of Monetary Resources and Financing of Elections (Study on Election System of Iran, France, Russia and USA)

Shoja Ahmadvand; Ferdos Saber Mahani

Volume 17, Issue 49 , March 2016, Pages 9-35


  Appropriate financing of candidate campaigns has important influence on the security of the electoral system, and prevent financial and political corruptions after obtaining relevant occupations. Although, the important part of electoral law is allocated to principles of election campaigns, the electoral ...  Read More

The Effect of "Fork in the Road" and on Jurisdiction of Investment Treaty Arbitral Tribunal in Foreign Investment Disputes

Shahab Jafari Nedoushan; Mohammad Hassan Sadeghi Moghadam

Volume 17, Issue 49 , March 2016, Pages 37-56


  Fork in the road clauses and waiver clauses in investment treaties are supposed to minimize the number of parallel proceedings in foreign investment disputes. While, Fork in the road clauses preclude investors from further litigation or arbitration once the first dispute settlement mechanism is triggered, ...  Read More

The Role of European Court of Justice in the Development of EU Legal Integration

Rahmatollah Farokhi; Mohammad Hossein Ramazani Ghavam Abadi; Seyd Ghasem Zamani

Volume 17, Issue 49 , March 2016, Pages 57-83


  European Court of Justice (ECJ) is the judicial body of the European Union (EU). Since its founding in 1952, ECJ has always played a prominent role in the development of the EU law. What has been studied in this article is the role of ECJ in transition of the EU law from duality (between national law ...  Read More

Environmental Challenges of Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage under the Seabed

Aramesh Shahbazi

Volume 17, Issue 49 , March 2016, Pages 85-105


  With the global warming and introduction of serious issues and concerns realting to the escalation of greenhouse gases, which directly affects the lives of flora and fauna, and the role of polluting gases such as carbon dioxide, man has strived to deal with this problem using new technologies. One of ...  Read More

Right to Solidarity and Iinternational Solidarity: Challenges Ahead and the Most Recent Changes

mostafa Mir Mohammadi; Jalal Sadeghi

Volume 17, Issue 49 , March 2016, Pages 107-132


  Generations theory in human rights on the one hand, and solidarity rights on the hand have always had proponents and opponents. After three decades of the emergence of solidarity rights, it has been accepted much better on the regional level than on the global scale. Nevertheless, in recent years the ...  Read More

The Effect of Human Rights Rules on Private international Law In the Light of European Court of Human Rights Judgments

Reza Maghsoudi

Volume 17, Issue 49 , March 2016, Pages 133-154


  Human rights norms have caused some evolutions in the scope of forum conflicts, conflict of laws and recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments. Use of traditional rules in this branch of law such as unilateral conflict rules has been questioned and some ancient connecting factors, such as nationality ...  Read More

The Role and Functioning of the National Lands Disputes Commission from the Perspective of a Fair Trial

Reza Tajarloi; Zeinolabedin Taghavi; Hossien Poshtdar

Volume 17, Issue 49 , March 2016, Pages 155-177


  Understanding the role of the Commission of single article as a legal entity - the legal, economic and cultural considerations in the metropolises, that leads to a marginal and illegal construction in these areas and the destruction of their natural environment, reveals the necessity to review the role ...  Read More