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Evaluation of Controlling the Bureaucratic Authority in the Context of Relations between Bureaucracy, Politics and Efficiency

Ali Akbar Gorji Azandaryani; Farzin Ghahramanzadeh Nimgazi

Volume 17, Issue 50 , June 2016, Pages 9-35


  Successful performance for political systems depends to existence of an efficient administration. In this regard, bureaucracy, from the late nineteenth century until the 1980s was considered as the exclusive system for efficiency. However, this system, especially in the welfare states period, following ...  Read More

Determining the Right Tax Jurisdiction in Bilateral Taxation Treaties and Preventing Abuse of the "Permanent Establishment" Concept

Gholam Nabi Feyzi Chekab; Naeem Noorbakhsh

Volume 17, Issue 50 , June 2016, Pages 35-58


  Bilateral tax treaties in the world are significantly spreading as a tool for waiver of double taxation, which is an obstacle in the way of expansion of international trade. In the text of the such treaties, the concept of "permanent establishment" is predicted, which means a fixed place for doing ...  Read More

Decommissioning of Offshore Oil and Gas Installations under the International Law

Javad Kashani; Mostafa Rezaeyan Mehr

Volume 17, Issue 50 , June 2016, Pages 59-63


  The decommissioning of offshore oil and gas installations is considered as one of the most complicated problems of our time, that comprises broad legal, economic, political and environmental issues. Although such factors have always been important in oil and gas industry, but with the decline of production ...  Read More

Relevance of the Investor's Practice and Behavior to the Adjustment of Compensation Arising out of the Breach of Investment Treaties' Standards of Protection

Mohammad Jafar Ghanbari Jahromi; Mansour Vesali Mahmoud

Volume 17, Issue 50 , June 2016, Pages 119-143


  Quantum of damages is one of the most important aspects of proceedings in investment arbitration. Assessment of damages in investment treaty claims occasionally requires adjustment and reduction of damages under certain circumstances and situations. This could be explained by the impact of other rules ...  Read More

The Rule of Lex Specialis, as a Field for the Operation of Principle of Specialty of International Organization

Seyed Mahdi Razavi; Mojtaba Babaee; Mahdi Hatami; Ali Tavakoli Tabasi

Volume 17, Issue 50 , June 2016, Pages 169-189


  The principle of specialty of international organizations requires that rights and obligations of each organization is a function of the scope of the powers entrusted to it by the members. This principle can play an effective role in the legal regime of this kind of subjects of international Law, ...  Read More