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Analyzing 2008 International Draft Articles on the Law of Transboundary Aquifers

Mahdi Hatami; Hassan Babaei

Volume 16, Issue 44 , February 2015, Pages 9-33

  Nowadays aquifers are regarded as the world’s main drinking water supply. Such prominence has led states to resort to aquifers as a major source of water supply . Among serious challenges faced by states  in regards with transboundary aquifers are the legal regime governing the issue of sovereignty, ...  Read More

Typology of International Obligations

Hassan Savari; Mohammad Saleh Attar

Volume 16, Issue 44 , February 2015, Pages 35-71

  The UN charter as the foremost instrument in giving birth to International contemporary order- has laid the foundation of a new regime which is deemed by many as a revolution against Westphalia order of International law. This profound evolution is chiefly based on introduction of sociological premises ...  Read More

The Application of the Margin of Appreciation Doctrine in the Jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights

Hossein Sharifi Tarazkoohi; Javad Mobini

Volume 16, Issue 44 , February 2015, Pages 73-103

  Jurists have expressed various propositions about the true nature of Margin of Appreciation Doctrine. Some believe that although application of the doctrine allows for exercise of human rights with having local cultural diversities in consideration, following up with cited doctrine in practice by European ...  Read More

State Responsibility for Violation of Human Rights by Transnational Corporations

Mohammad Ali Solh Chi

Volume 16, Issue 44 , February 2015, Pages 105-128

  Today, transnational corporations are regarded as prominent actors in international arena. This is deemed by many as a significant feature attributable to modern international law. Rapid growth of these corporations and expansion of their activities resulted in growing concern as to studying the necessity ...  Read More

Legislative Obligations of Member States under Cartagena Protocol and the Extent to which the Islamic Republic of Iran has Adhered to such Commitments

Abbas Kazemi Najaf Abadi; Hassan Skandarian

Volume 16, Issue 44 , February 2015, Pages 129-148

  Cartagena protocol on biosafety was ratified in Montreal, Canada, on January 29- 2000. The protocol is an International binding instrument that sets forth strict legislative commitments for member states. As of one year from ratification of Cartagena protocol, Iran’s government vested its Environmental ...  Read More

Us Unilateral Sanctions Against Iran; Contradiction in Slogan and Conduct, Extreme Politisization of Human Rights

Seyd Fazollah Mousavi; Fazllolah Jokar; Omran Mohammadi

Volume 16, Issue 44 , February 2015, Pages 149-173

  Human rights as a prominent discourse has gained so much weight in International area and governments legitimacy is generally and increasingly evaluated upon the extent to which they adhere to its rules and principles. Almost all and any conduct in international relations is to comply with human rights ...  Read More

Rights and Duties of Governments to Prevent and Compensate Pollution of the Sea Resulting from the Transportation of Oil: A Study of International Declarations, Conventions and Awards

Jafar Nory Yoshanloey; Mona Agha Seyed Jafar Kashfi

Volume 16, Issue 44 , February 2015, Pages 175-198

  The damage to the sea environment is often irreversible, therefore, accordingto relevant declarations and conventions, prevention is considered as anobligation in order to conserve the environment. Therefore, remedy imposed bythe court or arbitral tribunal is not always payment of compensation for damageand/or ...  Read More