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The Right to Remedial Secession in the light of National and Regional Judicial Decisions

seyd ghasem Zamani; Ali Navari

Volume 16, Issue 46 , September 2015, Pages 9-37

  The overwhelming view concerning the unilateral secession under contemporary international law is that, in international law, there is no rule in regard to secession. some international lawyers concentrate upon the principle of respect to territorial integrity of independence and sovereign states and ...  Read More

Freedom from Fear

Reza Eslami; fatemeh Mortazavi fard

Volume 16, Issue 46 , September 2015, Pages 39-79

  This article first refers to the importance of the freedom from fear as a forgotten freedom, and analyzes the political fear and its negative impact on the citizens’ behavior in the society as well as the violation of human rights and freedoms. The article also provides the historical discourse ...  Read More

Environmental Obligations of Transnational Corporations in International Environmental Law

Mohammad Ali Solhchi; Mehrdad Mohammadi

Volume 16, Issue 46 , September 2015, Pages 81-101

  One of the most controversial issues about transnational corporations is their environmental performance, sometimes leading to irreparable damages. This issue has been the concern for many developing countries, as the capital importing countries, and the developed world as well. Transnational corporations' ...  Read More

The Effects of Imposed Sanctions against Iran on Environment, Energy & Technology Transfer in International Law

Ali Mashhadi; Mahnaz Rashidi

Volume 16, Issue 46 , September 2015, Pages 103-123

  International sanctions against Iran have had various effects at national level. This paper has examined the effects of sanctions on the environment, energy and technology transfer areas from the international view point. The fundamental assumption of this paper is that sanctions on the environment violate ...  Read More

The Foundation of International Humanitarian Law Enforcement: State Obligations to Respect and to Ensure Respect

rezvan bagherzadeh; amir hossein ranjbarian

Volume 16, Issue 46 , September 2015, Pages 125-154

  International Humanitarian Law is considered as a legal regime whose governing rules are being changed particularly as a result of the transformation of international and non-international armed conflicts. But noticeably, the stability of humanitarian law enforcement has more or less constantly survived. ...  Read More

Applicable Law to International Multimodal Transport Contracts for Goods

Heybatollah Najandimanesh; Samaneh Lalegani

Volume 16, Issue 46 , September 2015, Pages 155-190

  Determination of applicable law on International Multimodal Transport Contracts for Goods is one of high significance issues in legal studies. Existing conventions on transportation are only applicable to a specific transportation. They are not applicable to multimodal transportation. Since there is ...  Read More

Feasibility Study on the Process of Rulemaking as the Bases of Diverse Rules in the Globalization (Does the Base of Legal Rules Turn to Objectivity?)

Samaneh Rahmati Far

Volume 16, Issue 46 , September 2015, Pages 191-211

  Lawmaking was related to the state sovereignty exclusively, more than the other government acts, and an interference of the another actors was forbidden. Then the answer of ‘why is a rule binding?’ referred to local reasons such as legitimacy, religious roots of rule or will of government. ...  Read More