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Legal Standards on Criticism of Government and Public Officials

bagher ansari

Volume 16, Issue 43 , February 2015, Pages 9-46

  Freedom of expression in regard to criticism directed toward government orpublic officials is faced with some challenges. On one hand, it reveals potentialor actual deficiencies and failures in their actions, decisions or institutions.Hence, it would be very constructive and beneficial to the public ...  Read More

Umbrella Clause in Bilateral Investment Treaties

hamid reza oloumi yazdi; somayeh mohammadi

Volume 16, Issue 43 , February 2015, Pages 47-80

  The Umbrella Clause has nearly become one of the most common rules of the mostinvestment treaties, which provides more protections for foreign investor. Providinga proper and true sense of this clause has become highly controversial issue ininternational investment law that has led many arbitral tribunals ...  Read More

Attribution of Private-Persons’ Wrongful Acts to a State: Standard of Control in Jurisprudence of Iran-U.S Claims Tribunal

seyd ghasem zamani; mona sadat mirzadeh

Volume 16, Issue 43 , February 2015, Pages 81-108

  Attribution of private-person’s act to a state is accepted in international law insome exceptional matters. Acting under the direction or control of the state is oneof those exceptional cases; by proving state control over private persons andentities, their actions are attributable to the state. ...  Read More

An Introduction on the Legal System of the Right to Strike in Private Sector (France, Britain and Iran)

asadollah yavari; mohammad ghasem tangestani

Volume 16, Issue 43 , February 2015, Pages 109-134

  There is a history behind the strike as a collective protesting act againstunpleased conditions of working. This phenomenon is derived from theinequality of the contract of work’s parties and lack of appropriate mechanismsfor solving the disputes; both Employers and governments would prohibit andquell ...  Read More

Reserved Domain in the Awards of International Court of Justice

hamid alhoii nazari

Volume 16, Issue 43 , February 2015, Pages 135-162

  It has widely been accepted that no subject is irrevocably fixed within thereserved domain. The ICJ has been frequently faced with claim of reserveddomain, whether in determining jurisdiction or merit. The ICJ standard in suchclaims is based on its precedent; it states that the clause “merely within ...  Read More

The Interrelationship between the International Criminal Court and the Security Council in the light of 2010 Review Conference

sadeq salimi

Volume 16, Issue 43 , February 2015, Pages 163-184

  The interaction and interrelationship between the International Criminal Courtand the Security Council of the United Nations have always been one of thecontentious matters of the Court’s Statute. According to the Articles 12 and 13of the Statute which was codified in 1998, the Security Council ...  Read More

States Responsibility on Human Individual Security

roohollah rahami

Volume 16, Issue 43 , February 2015, Pages 185-211

  Individual security with insist on safety of human body and soul against individualdamages and violence, as one of the seventh aspects of human security , in theHuman Development Report in 1994 of United Nations Development Program, iscome from “right to life” , “human dignity” ...  Read More