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The Train of Universality of Human Rights on the Railway of Wittgenstein (from an Ideal language to a vague one)

Mohammad Ghari Seyd Fatemi; Saeideh Rahim Zadeh; Fatemeh Bostani

Volume 16, Issue 45 , April 2015, Pages 9-31

  The universality of (at least some of) moral norms was being challenged by many thinkers, philosophers, religious reformists, and even the political actors. Assuming that universality of the contemporary human rights as a morally justified as well as consistent system, the main task of this article is ...  Read More

ProtectingIndividual Rights: Analyzing ICJ Judgment in the Case of Guinea Against Congo

Mohsen Abdollahi; Ali Hasankhani

Volume 16, Issue 45 , April 2015, Pages 31-52

  International court of justice as main judicial organ of United Nations not only has duty to resolve disputes between states but also has duty for protecting values which are accepted by members of international community. However, it has duty to resolve disputes according existing rules not according ...  Read More

Transgenic Food and Challenges Ahead on the Base of Right to Food

Mahmood Abbasi; Najmeh Razmkhah

Volume 16, Issue 45 , April 2015, Pages 53-75

  In the framework of international human rights, the right to adequate food is a fundamental right of everyone to access to food which is safe and Nutrient. Risks which associated with GM food productions for consumers, has been arisen concerns of human right activists. Every state has the duty to ensure ...  Read More

Legal Status of Voluntary Human Shield in International Humanitarian Law

Homayon Habibi; Salehe Ramezani

Volume 16, Issue 45 , April 2015, Pages 77-103

  International Humanitarian Law (IHL) as a series of rules which aims to protect civilians against the effects of hostilities has prohibited expressly the use of civilians as Human Shield. But voluntarism in human shield poses some question of law. In fact in some situations, civilians may put themselves ...  Read More

Principle of Unreasonableness in Administrative Law and its Reflection on the Jurisprudence of the Administrative Justice Court

Mohammad Hossein Zareei; Khadijeh Shojaeian

Volume 16, Issue 45 , April 2015, Pages 105-129

  In this article, we want to analyze the essence of the principle of unreasonableness as a judicial review ground in common law and its application in the jurisprudence of the Administrative Justice court. For this purpose, its concept, the twofold conception and categories of unreasonable decisions in ...  Read More

Causes of Failures in Codification of Laws in Iran Legal System

Seyd Naser Soltani

Volume 16, Issue 45 , April 2015, Pages 131-164

  Codification is a process of collecting and restating legal codes in a certain area, usually by subject, in a codex (book) of law. This is for clarifying the laws. It works usually by forming a legal code by subject. Its aim is to clarify legislations, usually by subject in different collections. By ...  Read More

Obligations and Responsibility of States in the Protection and Conservation of Environment against Wastes, With an Emphasis on Hazardous Wastes

Farhad Talaei; Elham Heidari

Volume 16, Issue 45 , April 2015, Pages 165-200

  Contamination from wastes is one of the fundamental human concerns. There are international instruments on environment which have considered responsibilities for States in a way that they have to protect the environment from waste. In this context, this paper examines various and common obligations of ...  Read More