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Constitutionalisation and Public Policy-Making: An Analysis of Position and Function of Public Policy-Making in Iranian Legal System

mahdi rezaei; mahdi rezvani

Volume 21, Issue 63 , December 2019, Pages 9-41


  Public policy-making is considered as the most important manifestation of government’s ruling, exertion of authority and arrangement of public affairs based on the “rule of law”. Public policy-making cycle, from think tank and policy-making to assessment and supervision is formed in ...  Read More

From Saving the Government to Saving Social Discipline


Volume 21, Issue 63 , December 2019, Pages 43-64


  This article sheds light on the origins of the Rule of saving the system (hifdh al-nidhām) in both theology and jurisprudence. The article insists the broader sense of the Rule and its close relationship with social order. While mentioning some examples of the Rule in juristic issues, the article explains ...  Read More

Redefining Public Properties and Its effects in Iranian Legal system

hossein abdollahi

Volume 21, Issue 63 , December 2019, Pages 65-96


  Analyzing current definitions of public properties in Iranian legal system indicates that distinction between these properties from State properties cannot be sought in criteria such as devoting to public services, the ability to confiscate, style of utilization, conformity of public properties from ...  Read More

Usage of Remotely Piloted Aircraft and the Necessity of Observing the Right to Privacy

leila raisi; masoud raei; masoumeh ebrahimi

Volume 21, Issue 63 , December 2019, Pages 97-129


  Advances in aerospace technology especially in the 20 century unveiled a new kind of aircraft as (remotely piloted aircraft) which is deployed in military and civil application. In recent years, the civil usage of this aircraft has influential advancement and with no doubt in the future, this new technology ...  Read More

The Comparative Analysis of the Effective Factors on Prosecution’s Legal-Constitutional Status among the Powers

Mohammad Jalali; Saeed Barkhordari

Volume 21, Issue 63 , December 2019, Pages 131-162


  The Prosecution is one of the most important public institutions in the realization of the rule of law and the protector of political rights and freedoms. However, there is no theoretical basis or practical practice regarding the position of this institution among the three powers. Affected by the legal ...  Read More

Utilization of Ilisu Dam in Turkey and the Rules of International Water Law

Ali Navari

Volume 21, Issue 63 , December 2019, Pages 163-190


  International rivers that traverse the territories of different States are subject to their exercise of the principle of territorial sovereignty. Utilization of these rivers and performance development plans by each of the riparian States will have impacts which may affect the rights and interests of ...  Read More

Consideration of the Ideologicization of the Public Law Theories

Faezeh Daneshvar

Volume 21, Issue 63 , December 2019, Pages 191-214


  In evaluating some theories of public law, the observation about the link between those theories and ideology is more often made in a critical spirit, in order to impugn the mentioned public law theories. The question posed in this article is how to define “ideological theories of public law”. ...  Read More

Review of the Persian Translation of Leviathan in the Light of Public Law Concepts

seyed Naser soltani

Volume 21, Issue 63 , December 2019, Pages 215-239


  Legal expressions and concepts are abundant in the numerous fundamental texts of the modern political thought. The language of law has been one of the main means within which discussions about political thought has been taken place. Therefore, when these texts are translated into other languages, the ...  Read More

Approach of Coastal State and Flag State in Light of Instruments and Principles of International Law Confronting the Illegal Performance of the Flagship
Volume 21, Issue 63 , December 2019, Pages 241-269


  Illegal performance of the flagship is one of the issues discussed in the Convention on the Law of the Sea, for which the guarantee is not enforced. Nevertheless, the capacity of the legal principles and international environmental instruments and the jurisprudence of international authorities is pivotal. ...  Read More

Company Management of Pension Funds in the Social Security System of Iran

morteza rostami; Hasan Badini

Volume 21, Issue 63 , December 2019, Pages 271-295


  Pension funds for maintaining the balance of resources and expenditure invest in different ways; one of the most common practices is owning companies’ stocks. The tendency of many pension funds to this type of investment have led to the management of companies. Management of companies by pension ...  Read More

Theoretical Basis for the Discussion on the Quality of Law: Concept and Requirement

Azadeh Abdollahzadeh Shahrbabaki

Volume 21, Issue 63 , December 2019, Pages 297-317


  Even though in the works of legal scholars, some notions regarding the characteristics of legal norms are included, the systematic approach to this issue has been established in this century. The necessity to investigate characteristics of legal norms, good legal norms, and qualified legal norms, is ...  Read More