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“Legitimate Expectation” in the World Trade Organization

S.Ghasem Zamani; hoda Shakib manesh

Volume 21, Issue 64 , May 2020, Pages 9-32


  Legitimate expectations protect the negotiated tariff concessions from being adversely modified. The principle of legitimate expectations considered as a ‘well-established’ principle specific to WTO is implicitly stated in Article III of General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT). It is ...  Read More

Considering the term of historic water in perespective of the South China Sea

Elham Aminzadeh; zahra sadat shareq

Volume 21, Issue 64 , May 2020, Pages 33-60


  One of the conflicting areas of law arising from custom and treaty is manifested in sea. This happens when a state tries to prove its sovereignty on body of waters that is under sovereignty of another state or part of high seas. Conflict of interest in peripheral states of South China Sea was aggravated ...  Read More

Interim Measure and its enforcement in the European Court of Human Rights case-law

Mehryar Dashab

Volume 21, Issue 64 , May 2020, Pages 61-85


  The European Court of Human Rights whose main mission is to consider individual and States petitions in case of the violation of the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms and its additional protocols, based on the applicant’s request or at its own discretion, tries by indicating ...  Read More

Reflection on Commercial Exploitation of Underwater Cultural Heritage with a Focus on UNESCO’S 2001 Convention

Mohammad Razavirad; Janet Blake

Volume 21, Issue 64 , May 2020, Pages 87-109


  In the field of commercial exploitation of underwater cultural heritage, the goal of commercial operators is to maximize profits with minimal cost and time, which is in conflict with archaeological principles requiring large investments and spending so much time. Today, due to the variety of commercial ...  Read More

Supreme Constitutional Court of Egypt and constitutional review of statutes

Javad Taghizadeh; Morteza Nejabatkhah; Vahid Bakoei ketrimi

Volume 21, Issue 64 , May 2020, Pages 111-132


  The Egyptian Constitution of 1971 addressed the issue of the necessity of protecting the Constitution and established the Supreme Constitutional Court for this task. This body is currently is protecting the Constitution of 2014, as stipulated in Article 192 of the Constitution and Article 25 of the Supreme ...  Read More

the law governing the decommissioning of oil and gas installations

abdolhossein shiravi; mahin falahati

Volume 21, Issue 64 , May 2020, Pages 133-163


  Decommissioning of petroleum installation and facilities is part of E&P operations that consists of plugging of wells, dismantling of installations and clearance of the site. Technical, financial, economic costs and environmental issues associated with the decommissioning process, compel host countries ...  Read More

Analysis of the Nature of Compulsory Possession of Real Estates Located on Public Projects

Seyed Yaser Hoseini; Seyed mohammad sadegh tabatabaei; Manouchehr tavassoli nayini

Volume 21, Issue 64 , May 2020, Pages 165-193


  Executive organs sometimes are inevitable to take possession of real estates belonging to natural and legal persons in the implementation of their public projects. This transmission of real estate is sometimes by consent and sometimes compulsory. Determine of the nature of the compulsory possession has ...  Read More

The Legality of Judicial Courts Convened by Non- State Armed Groups

Seyed Hesamoddin Lesani

Volume 21, Issue 64 , May 2020, Pages 195-216


  Establishing courts in territories under domination of non-state armed groups is one of the first actions of that groups for making order and law in that places to trial opposition soldiers, civilians and their own members. In this paper, it is tried to examine the legality of this kind of courts in ...  Read More

The Criterion to Distinguish "Worker" from "Employee" in Iranian Legal System

Majid Najarzadeh Hanjani

Volume 21, Issue 64 , May 2020, Pages 217-232


  In terms of legal status, 'workers' and 'employees' jobs are indicative of "subordinate labor", which, despite some similarities in dual legal systems, have certain conceptual features, and thus recognizing and distinguishing their examples have significant practical implications. Among the similarities ...  Read More

Problems of Enforcement of ICSID Awards: An Analysis of Micula Case

ali hasankhani

Volume 21, Issue 64 , May 2020, Pages 233-256


  In the case Micula A.O. v. Romania, the arbitration tribunal established under the auspices of the International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) sentenced Romania to pay a compensation for the revocation of investment incentives and for the breach of fair and equitable treatment ...  Read More

The Approach of the Constitutional Courts of the EU Member States to the Preliminary Ruling of the Court of Justice of the European Union

Ali Reza Jalali; Mohammad Abouata

Volume 21, Issue 64 , May 2020, Pages 257-278


  One of the legal tools used by the Court of Justice of the European Union in its jurisdictional system is the preliminary ruling on the basis of Article 267 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. According to this rule, the national courts can ask the Court to respond about the interpretation ...  Read More

Succession of States in Respect of the Right to Reparation

mohamad ssetayeshpur

Volume 21, Issue 64 , May 2020, Pages 279-300


  Transferring right to reparation as a legal consequence of a state succession in public international law, regardless of how and the way the related succession has been occurred, has always been in dispute and controversial issue. Following the state succession, the issue of succession of states in respect ...  Read More