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The study of the payment regims of retirement pensions in Iran and Norway

elham amiri; seied mohamad hashemi; vali rostami; bijan abbasi

Volume 23, Issue 73 , February 2022, Pages 9-40


  The issue of pension payments is a serious challenge for governments in today's world. As the main institution, which is faced with a large number of new pensioners every year, governments seek to create pension systems in line with the political-economic structure of the country. The pension payment ...  Read More

Challenge of Detained Witnesses’ Applying for Asylum from Host Government in the Jurisdiction of International Criminal Court

Javad Salehi

Volume 23, Issue 73 , February 2022, Pages 41-70


  Detained witnesses of the Congolese government applied for non-extradition to their repective government, seeking asulum in the Netherlands and declaring illegal the continuation of the detention by claiming with the danger of life after their testimony against the government before the the International ...  Read More

Third Party Investment in International Commercial Arbitration

seyed sadegh ebrahimi; peyman boloori; Mohammad Ali Solhchi

Volume 23, Issue 73 , February 2022, Pages 71-105


  International commercial arbitration imposes heavy costs to the parties involved. In this regard, one of the new phenomena in international commercial arbitration is "financing of court costs by a third party investor. There are several reasons for the emergence of a third party investor: 1- involved ...  Read More

Understanding and criticizing criminal justice on the basis of Rawls' Veil of Ignorance

Bozorgmehr Bashiriyeh; Firouz Mahmoudi Janaki; Ardebili Mohammad Ali; Moeini Alamdari Jahangir

Volume 23, Issue 73 , February 2022, Pages 107-133


  "A Theory of Justice" is a project in the Kantian school by John Rawls, the twentieth-century philosopher. The "Veil of Ignorance" is one of the prominent notions of his theory of justice, which is born in another abstract concept as the "Original Position". Rawls seeks to establish fairness or impartiality ...  Read More

Anthropology Reading of Heidegger and its Impact on Philosophy of Modern Public Law

ali Mashhadi; . ranagaini . ranagaini

Volume 23, Issue 73 , February 2022, Pages 135-152


  According to article 98 of the Civil Service Management Act of Iran, “the acceptance of foreign citizenship” by staff and executives provided that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmation, will result in termination of their public service. Acceptance of citizenship of a foreign country ...  Read More

Analysis of Religious Criteria in Qualification Assessment of Election Candidates in Islamic Republic of Iran

Rahim Nobahar; Ali Velaei

Volume 23, Issue 73 , February 2022, Pages 153-181


  The right to be elected is one of the important examples of right to self-determination. Although this right is not absolute, its restriction must be justified. Unjustified insistence upon meritocracy and trusteeship of candidates, has resulted in violation of the right to be elected and the right to ...  Read More

Geoengineering and the Approach of International Environmental Documents Towards It's Regulation

Zahra Mahmoudi Kordi; Masume Gholami Miansarayi

Volume 23, Issue 73 , February 2022, Pages 183-214


  Climate change is considered to be the biggest crisis of the present era, and traditional approaches have not been very effective to deal with it yet. Thus, in recent decades, geoengineering which includes two main methods of carbon dioxide removal and solar radiation management has come to the attention ...  Read More

International Law
A Legal Analysis of the Structure of Dispute Resolution Mechanisms of International Tax Agreements

Alireza Salehifar

Volume 23, Issue 73 , February 2022, Pages 215-252


  As international trade is expanding, international trade and tax disputes are increasing. Under international tax agreements, there are two mechanisms for the resolution of potential disputes between contracting States. These agreements mostly rely on a form of negotiation known as the “Mutual ...  Read More

Administrative Organization of Mosque and Measurement of Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in Legal System of Iran: Compatibility or Contradiction?

Keyvan Sedaghati; Ali Faghih Habibi

Volume 23, Issue 73 , February 2022, Pages 253-277


  Properties of NGO are classified within 4 main items including: Non-profit-making, non-political, non-governmental and volunteer oriented and its mission is filling probable gaps between government, citizens and transferring goals of society to public authorities within specific framework. Although “realistically” ...  Read More

Jurisdiction of the Administrative Justice Court about the Review the Revision Request that Made by the Government into the Vote of Exceptional Administrative Authorities: According to the Decision of Unity Procedure Number 792 dated 1399/4/24 of the Supreme Court.

Hossein KAVIAR

Volume 23, Issue 73 , February 2022, Pages 279-302


  Article 10 (2) of the Law on the Organization and Procedure of the Administrative Justice Court determines the competence and ranges of the Court's powers to deal with and investigate objections and complaints against the final decisions of exceptional administrative authorities. According to the analysis ...  Read More