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The Challenge of Legitimacy in the Structure and Operation of the International Organizations: Case Study of the World Bank

Seyed Qasem zamani; Mahshid Ajeli lahiji

Volume 23, Issue 71 , August 2021, Pages 9-33


  Traditionally, there have been two acceptable theories regarding the legitimacy of any phenomenon in international law, inter alia international organizations: acceptability among people and acceptability among States. However, the evolution of international law makes it inevitable to revisit the issue ...  Read More

The State of Governance in the European Union in the Light of the Rulings of the Court of Justice of the European Union

Abbasali Kadkhodaii; mersedeh mazloumi

Volume 23, Issue 71 , August 2021, Pages 35-61


  With the establishment of the European Union, the concept of traditional sovereignty underwent changes; Because on the one hand there is the issue of the sovereignty of European governments and on the other hand there is the issue of the sovereignty of the European Union. In the past, absolute sovereignty ...  Read More

Criminal Liability of the Corporations in the Iranian Law and International Documents

ali pourghasem; Tahmoores Bashiriye

Volume 23, Issue 71 , August 2021, Pages 63-93


  Criminal liability of the corporations as credit creatures has always been the subject of discussion, and due to the important role of corporations in the social life and their frequency in committing crimes, their criminal liability has undergone many changes at the national and international level ...  Read More

Freedom of Expression and Idea-Expression Dichotomy

Mehdi Zahedi; shirin sharifzadeh

Volume 23, Issue 71 , August 2021, Pages 95-127


  Freedom of expression includes the freedom to express, access and dissemination of information, whereas copyright, by protecting the original works of authorship, restricts use, access and dissemination of the protected works. When an expression is protected by copyright, freedom of expression or press ...  Read More

Judicial Review of Administrative Court of Justice in Times of Economic Crisis

Mohammad Hossein Zarei; Ayyam Kamarkhani

Volume 23, Issue 71 , August 2021, Pages 129-159


  The State in the general sense is competent to make binding decisions to protect the public interest, on behalf of the people in response to the events of social life. One of the issues that governments have responded in the last two centuries in various forms such as lawmaking, adoptions of economic ...  Read More

The Impact of Human Rights Based on Social Dignity on Contract Law in Iranian Law and European Case Law

Iraj Babaei; Morteza Torabi

Volume 23, Issue 71 , August 2021, Pages 161-191


  With the development of human rights in all aspects of human life, its impact on private law (horizontal relationship) and consequently on contract law cannot be denied. Human dignity has two individual and social aspects according to human nature. Human social dignity expresses rights such as freedom ...  Read More

Implicit Revocation of Government Regulations in the Branches of the Administrative Court of Justice

Hossain Ayene Negini; Mohammad Amin Abrishami rad

Volume 23, Issue 71 , August 2021, Pages 193-219


  According to Article 170 of the Constitution, judges of courts are obliged to refrain from enforcing regulations contrary to Islamic laws and regulations. In the form of descriptive-analytical research, based on the application of the phrase "judges of courts" in this principle, the Statute of the Administrative ...  Read More

A Study of the Legal Aspects of Contagious Diseases in Aviation Industry with Emphasis on Coronavirus Disease

Hamid Kazemi; Milad Sadeghi

Volume 23, Issue 71 , August 2021, Pages 221-249


  The Aviation Industry and its governing law are vulnerable to the outbreak and pandemic of contagious diseases. It is possible that the industry takes part in the spread of disease and endanger lives, while on the other hand, with the spread of contagious diseases, the economic cycle of actors and beneficiaries ...  Read More

The Study of Legitimacy of Starting International Criminal Court Investigation on the Actions of American Troops in Afghanistan

Seyed Hesamoddin Lesani

Volume 23, Issue 71 , August 2021, Pages 251-272


  International Criminal Court (ICC) accepted the Prosecutor demand to start the investigation on the crimes by the American troops in Afghanistan, in March 5, 2020. But the challenge that ICC will be faced is that there is an Agreement (called SOFA) between United States and Afghanistan that if American ...  Read More

Capacity of the International Investment Arbitration Mechanism in Environmental Protection

Mohammad Habibi Majandeh; afife gholami

Volume 23, Issue 71 , August 2021, Pages 273-310


  Environmental considerations have always been a challenge for foreign investment. The need to observe environmental minimums from the beginning to the end of the investment is also a concern of environmental law activists. In the meantime, the host state faces sometimes conflicting commitments. State ...  Read More

Investigating the impact of the mechanism of creating a Trans Governmental network in the international community

marzieh dastbala; Alireza Zaheri

Volume 23, Issue 71 , August 2021, Pages 311-335


  Over years simultaneously with the formation of the concept of government, the ideal of creating unity between governments and the formation of a single international community has always been discussed. Nowadays international unity as an expanding topic comes first in the international community. But ...  Read More