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Judicial Mechanism of Human Rights in Europe, Supremacy is with Sovereignty or Human Rights

Seyed Fazlollah Mousavi; Hamidreza Oraee

Volume 23, Issue 72 , August 2021, Pages 9-37


  Human rights is an important component of international law today. Dealing with and acting against the fundamental human rights breaches of states as one of the actors in international law is a task that has not yet been achieved in the global arena. However, regional judicial mechanisms have been able ...  Read More

International Obligations of Greenhouse Gas Emission States from the Perspective of the Convention on the Law of the Sea 1982

Homayoun Habibi; Hajar Raee Dehaghi

Volume 23, Issue 72 , August 2021, Pages 39-69


  Today, climate change has become concern of the international community, and there has been considerable solidarity to confront it. However, the Climate Change Convention, the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement have failed to prevent climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and countries ...  Read More

Privatization of the Registration System through Notary Offices

Nasrin Tabataba'i Hesari

Volume 23, Issue 72 , August 2021, Pages 71-93


  The sovereign nature of the registration system has included them in the public domain and run by the public sector and through civil servant. The idea of "shrinking the state" and "increasing the regulatory role of governments" has led to the idea of privatizing registries, one of the proposed ways ...  Read More

The Study of Legality of Intentional Revocation of Unilateral Acts of States in International Law

Siamak Karimi

Volume 23, Issue 72 , August 2021, Pages 95-125


  The One of the main issues in the legal regimes is the intentional revocation of any kind of obligations. This revocation means that obligant party terminates its duty merely at the request of that party.  Because this subject concerns with the rule of law, it should be necessary to exist proper ...  Read More

Interaction Between International and Domestic Law in Purpose of Determining Shareholders’ Rights in International Investment Disputes

Elham Amidimehr; Seyed Jamal Seifi

Volume 23, Issue 72 , August 2021, Pages 127-164


  International investment law protects shareholders’ rights through treaty-based arrangements. That is to say, a great number of bilateral investment treaties (BITs) identify shares as one of the types of protected investment as ICSID arbitral tribunals have recognized in several cases. Despite ...  Read More

The Relationship of Republic and the Islamism of the System and Its Neglected Institution

Noorbakhsh Riahy; Hossein Alaee; Mohammad Moghadam Fard

Volume 23, Issue 72 , August 2021, Pages 165-198


  A legislative system should have only one "legal logic". that's mean, based on principles, clear criteria, principles, concepts and related sources, the method of reasoning as well as goals and ideals can be achieved. However, based on the understanding of this article about the origin and nature of ...  Read More

The Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Health Product Advertising Regulations in Time of Corona Crisis: Comparative Study of the Iranian and British Law

Hoda Ghafari; Zahra Ebrahimi

Volume 23, Issue 72 , August 2021, Pages 199-230


  The pandemic of the Coronavirus was a test for legal systems to evaluate the effectiveness of laws and regulations in the face of the crisis. Advertisement of health goods, including food, hygiene, and pharmaceutical products, is one of the areas that was severely affected by the onset of the crisis. ...  Read More

Analysis of the New Approach to International Investment Law In Relation to the Public Interest of Host Government

hamid hamidian; Ali Rezaeiee

Volume 23, Issue 72 , August 2021, Pages 231-262


  Principles of international investment law and treaties are more about protecting foreign investors. Therefore, in investment agreements that are signed between the host countries with the investors or their respective governments, the host country is obliged to provide the necessary investment support ...  Read More

A Study on Dr. Mohammed Mossadeq's Behavior towards the Parliament from the Viewpoint of the Constitution of 1906 and the Constitutional Theory

Mehrnoosh Mazloomian; , Hossein Rahmatolahi; Mohammad Mohammadi Gorgani; Mahdi Mokhtati

Volume 23, Issue 72 , August 2021, Pages 263-297


  Because of the economic, political and social conditions of iran in the early 1950s which resulted in a state of emergency, Dr. Mosadegh, the incumbent prime minister, made some supposedly legal actions and decisions affecting the Majles (the Parliament) and its law-making power. At first, to enquire ...  Read More

Legal Foundations of Modern State; The Idea of "Referring State to the Concept of Etzali Right"

Mahdi Rezaei; mohsen ghaemi khargh

Volume 23, Issue 72 , August 2021, Pages 299-324


  Right is a meaningful, logical, and justifiable claim in the human realm, with the attribute of merit and the avoidance of the attribute of virtue, based on human dignity and honor. This concept, like a sword in the bottom of a drunken bell, is the basis for the rebirth of the state or the traditional ...  Read More