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International Law
An In-depth Analysis of the Initial Draft of the Recommendation on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence: Exploring the Right to Environment

Anahita Seifi; Najmeh Razmkhah

Volume 24, Issue 78 , May 2023, Pages 9-47


  Artificial intelligence is the science of empowering machines to perform actions similar to human activities. In other words, artificial intelligence is considered a science and a set of computer technologies designed to think, reason and imitate human behavior.Artificial intelligence is considered a ...  Read More

International Law
Examining Afghan People's Right to Self-Determination in International Law, Emphasizing the Legal Status of the Self-proclaimed "Islamic EMARIT" Government

Amineh Moaiedian

Volume 24, Issue 78 , May 2023, Pages 49-81


  freedom of people in determining their own destiny is a value first raised during the French Revolution in the form of a general concept called “the right of the people to determine their destiny” and was later pointed at internationally in different ways by statesmen such as Lenin and Wilson. ...  Read More

International Law
Ensuring Access to Courts for Seafarers: Examining Iran's Admiralty Court

zahra sadat shareq; Hossein Rezazadeh

Volume 24, Issue 78 , May 2023, Pages 83-118


  Seafaring is one of the risky jobs that needs more support and attention from governments and the international community. Human rights apply at sea as they do on land. Since the abuse of human rights at sea is not as tangible as it is on land, it has not received much attention from the international ...  Read More

Public Law
Examining the Ramifications of the Expanding Domain of Public Law in Iran's Legal Framework

Hassan Hamzehloei; Maghsood Ranjbar; Mohammad Taghi Dashty

Volume 24, Issue 78 , May 2023, Pages 119-156


  By recognizing the inherent duality of private law and public law, each domain has been allocated its distinct territory. Despite the relative and interconnected nature of these realms, the application of public law within its designated territory is essential due to its specific role, functions, and ...  Read More

Public Law
The Legal Requirements of Governance in a Co-benefit Society: A Case Study of Modern Iran

Mahdi Mahdavizahed

Volume 24, Issue 78 , May 2023, Pages 157-180


  PurposeChanging from "People" to "society" requires a unity of interests and a nation that connects the building blocks of the Iranian people. The present paper concerns the relationship between social changes and public law. The sociological approach to law by deepening the social roots of laws, links ...  Read More

International Law
Addressing the Legitimacy Crisis of Investment Arbitration Through its Harmonization with World Trade Organization Law

Seyed Jamal Seifi; Mahdi Veis Karami

Volume 24, Issue 78 , May 2023, Pages 181-219


  International investment law is facing a legitimacy crisis, in which to tackle, substantial efforts are being made in structural and procedural areas. The first step to overcoming this crisis is identifying the roots of it. The lack of a dynamic balance between public and private interests is one of ...  Read More

Public Law
The Relationship between the Right to Mother Tongue and National Security and Territorial Unity

Mohammad Jalali; Mehrdad Aghaei

Volume 24, Issue 78 , May 2023, Pages 221-253


  Linguistic minorities often have their own unique lifestyle, culture, and traditions, and they have distinct demands based on their culture. In short, this demand pertains to their right to use their mother tongue, which is different from the right of each member of these groups to use their mother tongue ...  Read More

Public Law
The Relationship between State and Ethics in the Doctrine of Professor Naser Katouzian

omid shirzad

Volume 24, Issue 78 , May 2023, Pages 255-287


  Relations between state and ethics or religion is one of the important subjects in political philosophy and public law and there are several approaches about it. In this meantime, Professor Naser Katouzian refers to three kind of Relations between state and ethics or religion and points out the theory ...  Read More

Public Law
Rule of Law in the Legal System of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Hosein Poshtdar; Zeinolabedin Taghavi Fardod; Maryam Taghavi Fardod; Mohammad Taghavi Fardod

Volume 24, Issue 78 , May 2023, Pages 289-315


  The phrase “rule of law” is made up of two legal words, rule and law. Regardless of the broad meaning of both words in the legal literature -with each of them having a long history in the science of law- perhaps agreeably, it can be considered as the subordination of all political institutions ...  Read More