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Citizenship rights
The Conflict between Citizens' Right to Privacy and the State's Right to Digitally Tracking People Infected or Suspected of Transmitting the Covid-19 Virus

Sattar Azizi; Zahra Ghadbeygi

Volume 24, Issue 76 , January 2022, Pages 9-42


  The proliferation of Coronavirus around the world and the need to maintain the health of individuals in society have forced many governments to impose restrictions on citizens' rights by imposing social distances, quarantine and closure of educational, economic and sports centers. One important action ...  Read More

Public Law
Max Weber and Constitutional Law Issues

Fardin Moradkhani

Volume 24, Issue 76 , January 2022, Pages 43-77


  Constitutional law is one of the most important fields of legal knowledge and its close connection with political science has led thinkers in the other fields of humanities to discuss the concepts and principles of this knowledge. Max Weber, one of the most important thinkers of recent centuries, has ...  Read More

Public Law
Mohammad-Hossein Naini and Exploration of Common Denominator among the Public

Seyed Naser Soltani

Volume 24, Issue 76 , January 2022, Pages 79-107


  This research aims to indicate the roots of public law in the Constitutionalism in which the prerequisites for the citizens of the country to participate in public affairs as well as the basis for developing the concept of political participation were provided. This study examines the topic in the works ...  Read More

Public Law
Foundation of State Responsibility Based on Nature of State in Rousseau's Thought

Seyed Mojtaba Vaezi; Malihe Masoudi

Volume 24, Issue 76 , January 2022, Pages 109-139


  Since the state responsibility refers to the accountability of the state to individuals, its nature relies more than anything on the nature of the relationship between individuals and the state. Given the Rousseau’s relying upon modern subjectivity, this relationship has entered into a new phase ...  Read More

International Law
Plausibility of Claims in Provisional Measures Adopted by ICJ

Alireza Ebrahimgol; Hasan Khosroshahi

Volume 24, Issue 76 , January 2022, Pages 141-182


   The International Court of Justice is empowered, under Article 41 of its Statute, to order provisional or interim measures of protection to preserve the respective rights of the party-states pending final judgment on the merits.  Through interpreting Article 41, the Court has developed in ...  Read More

International Law
Declaration, Classification, and Declassification of Administrative Documents in Light of Right of Access to Information in Iran and the U, S, Legal Systems

Ghahfur Ghahramani; Mohamad Sharif shahi; Sayed Mohammad Sadegh Ahmadi

Volume 24, Issue 76 , January 2022, Pages 183-213


  Citizens' right of access to information as well as the regulation of the system of classification of administrative documents are two important issues in examining the function of a state. In principle, everyone has right to access all information, and regulating a system of classification of documents ...  Read More

Public Law
The Intuitive Law of Léon Petrazycki: Transition from Reason and Nature of Objects to Empirical Intuition as Validity of Law

Mahdi Shahabi

Volume 24, Issue 76 , January 2022, Pages 215-246


  The history of the evolution of legal thought indicates the contentious process of the interaction between metaphysics and reality. Meanwhile, notions such as law and justice, and in general, natural law, being the criterion for evaluating justice in the legal structure, have a more complicated situation. ...  Read More

International Law
Protection of Criminals’ Human Dignity in Sentencing Phase in Light of ECtHR Jurisprudence

Ali Reza Jalali; Mohammadhasan Maldar

Volume 24, Issue 76 , January 2022, Pages 247-275


  Protecting human dignity as an inherent and inviolable right is one of the most important obligations of the government even when a person is liable for his criminal behavior before the law. Adopting a descriptive-analytical method, the present study endeavors to answer the basic question that based ...  Read More