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Public Law
Foundations of Legal Obedience: Natural and Analytical Jurisprudence Perspective

Hasan Vakilyan; mohamad moghtader

Volume 24, Issue 77 , February 2023, Pages 9-45


  Obviously, in all jurisdictions it is required for the people to observe the laws and regulations; however, at the same time they need to have convincing reasons to obey laws and regulation. Seeking their different interests, people sometimes may break laws. However, sometimes people believe that there ...  Read More

International Law
The Pros and Cons of Third Party Funding in the International Investment Arbitration Regime

Alireza Mirveisi; Mehdi Zakerian Amiri; Mohammad Ali Abdollah Zadeh

Volume 24, Issue 77 , February 2023, Pages 47-79


  There is a growing stream of critics who see investment arbitration in favor of foreign investors and as a negative force as opposed to sustainable development. The phenomenon of third-party funding and its use in investment arbitration has increased such concerns. Third-party funding is basically the ...  Read More

Public Law
Rereading the Position of the Head of the Legislature in Iran's Constitutional Law System

Ahmad Taghizadeh; Ahmad Habibnejhad

Volume 24, Issue 77 , February 2023, Pages 81-108


  Assignment of the multiple competencies to the "Speaker of the Legislature" in various laws and regulations, and the necessity for his presence in various councils and assemblies, make clear the necessity for his appointment. So, the main question in this article is, what title is applied to the head ...  Read More

Public Law
Freedom from the perspective of liberalism and Marxism: With emphasis on votes Berlin and Marx

Morvarid Ahouri; Mohammad Hashemi; Maghsood Ranjbar

Volume 24, Issue 77 , February 2023, Pages 109-140


  The approach of liberal and Marxist thinkers, as the two dominant ideas in the twentieth century on freedom, shows their worldview on the issue of freedom and fundamental rights of individuals. The question is, which theories liberals and Marxists hold on the concept of freedom which was gained based ...  Read More

Public Law
The Evolution of Ijtihad in Imam Khomeini's Thought and Its Effect on Selection of Leadership Successor

Saeed Shahoseini; Ghodratollah Rahmani

Volume 24, Issue 77 , February 2023, Pages 141-170


  One of the terms mentioned in the Iranian Constitution is "Ijtihad". For most jurists, Ijtihad means extracting sharia law from the sources of sharia, which requires mastery of sciences such as Arabic literature, logic, theology, hadith and jurisprudence. But the question that this article seeks to answer ...  Read More

Public Law
Financial Corruption and Transparency in the Executive Bodies

Seyed Shahabeddin Mostafavinejad; Kheirollah Parvin

Volume 24, Issue 77 , February 2023, Pages 171-202


  Corruption is the use of public interest for personal gain. One of the most important ways to deal with corruption is to consider the principle of transparency as one of the main pillars of good governance.Transparency makes all actions and activities visible and closes the ways for violations and the ...  Read More

International Law
Legal Requirements for Preventing Food Insecurity in Light of a Health Impact Assessment Approach; Covid 19 Outbreak Case Study

Mohammad Saleh Anisi; Mahdi Piri; Shirin Shirazian

Volume 24, Issue 77 , February 2023, Pages 203-235


  The strongest hypothesis as to the origin of Covid-19 indicates that it is zoonotic. The food use of products from the wild animal market in Wuhan, and its economic impacts and mortalities urged us to explain the relationship between the right to adequate food, food security and safety, and the approach ...  Read More

International Law
Confrontation of Immunity and Responsibility Arising from Violation of Jus Cogens Norms in the ICJ Jurisprudence

Mahshid Ajeli lahiji; S. Ali Hosseiniazad; Majid Zahmatkesh

Volume 24, Issue 77 , February 2023, Pages 237-270


  Undoubtedly, jus cogens or preemptory norm is always recognized as the highest source of international law. Nevertheless, the judicial review of International Court of Justice caused doubt in the absolute priority of jus cogens when violation of jus cogens and immunity are simultaneously argued in a ...  Read More