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The Concept and Realm of the Principle of Equitable and Reasonable Utilization of Shared Water Resources: From the Perspective of International Law

Seyed Qasem Zamani; Pouya Berelian

Volume 24, Issue 75 , September 2022, Pages 9-44


  One of the important principles of international water law is the Principle of Equitable and Reasonable Utilization. According to this principle, any Watercourse State is eligible for an equitable and reasonable share in the constructive use of the shared water resource. The allocation of states' rights ...  Read More

Citing National Security Exceptions in the System of International Treaties

Abbasali Kadkhodaei; Seyed reza Jalili

Volume 24, Issue 75 , September 2022, Pages 45-78


  The states whose national security is threatened sometimes violate international law by seeking to maintain their national security. Thus, the treaty system took national security into account. Examining the provisions of the treaty system on the invocation of national security, the rule of recourse ...  Read More

Substantial Similarity in Copyright Infringement: Emphasizing on US Case Law

Mehdi Zahedi; shirin sharifzadeh

Volume 24, Issue 75 , September 2022, Pages 79-116


  Legal systems have taken different approaches to Copyright infringement but the ultimate purpose of them is to prevent the intentional and unjust appropriation of the rights of the creators. The proof of copyright infringement is easy when some rights such as reproduction is infringed or literal appropriation ...  Read More

The Relationship between Civil Disobedience and the Rule of Law in a Religious Government

Mohammad Javad Javid; Nasirollah Hasanlou

Volume 24, Issue 75 , September 2022, Pages 117-148


  "Civil disobedience" as a form of protest in socio-political activities is the act of deliberately violating a valid law for moral protest against the government. The justification of this socio-political idea has seen ups and downs in parallel with the emergence of widespread protest movements against ...  Read More

Legal Nature of Compulsory Licensing under Patent Law: Regulatory Measure or Expropriation?

Mirghasem Jafarzade; Soroosh Falahati

Volume 24, Issue 75 , September 2022, Pages 149-181


  Extensive research has been conducted on expropriation of foreign investment. However, different methods of expropriating intellectual property of foreign investors have yet to be shed light on by legal scholars. Considering that issuance of compulsory licenses is one of the most important measures in ...  Read More

Public Law
Living Constitution; History and Approaches

Faeghe Chalabi; Seid Hossein Malakooti Hashtjin; Mohammad Reza Mojtehedi; Ayat Mulaee

Volume 24, Issue 75 , September 2022, Pages 183-216


  The constitution should be a symbol of flexibility in the face of social challenges. In most constitutions, it is possible to amend the constitution through a formal revision. The difficulty of the formal reform process has led constitutionalist democracies to believe that a formal revision of the constitution ...  Read More

Mechanisms and Challenges of Land Planning Application in Location of Industries in the Iranian Environmental Law

Meysam Lotfi; Masoud Faryadi; Farhang FaghihLarijani

Volume 24, Issue 75 , September 2022, Pages 217-251


  Misallocation of industries can cause environmental degradation and land misuse, and therefore, to control the deleterious impacts of which on the environment, it is required to use land planning besides the environmental rules on the allocation of industrial units in accordance with the environmental ...  Read More

Implementation of the Principle of Joint and Several Liability in the System of International Responsibility

Mahdi Haddadi

Volume 24, Issue 75 , September 2022, Pages 253-292


  In domestic legal systems, Joint and several liability provides the best assurance that the plaintiffs will be compensated for their loss. The rule means that when multiple defendants are found to have caused the same damage, each defendant can be obliged to pay up to the full amount of the loss suffered. ...  Read More

Pathology of the Right of Ownership of Individuals from the Point of View of Public Law with Emphasis on the Role of the Administrative Justice Court

Hossein Fazli Maghsoudi; zeinalabedin Taghavi Fardoud; Alireza Saberian

Volume 24, Issue 75 , September 2022, Pages 293-330


  Property and the resulting rights have always been honored and protected, and of course, restricted and deprived. In the relevant laws and regulations, although property is one of the basic human rights, it may be violated and restricted in some necessities such as securing the public interests of society, ...  Read More

The Right to Water in Investment Treaty Arbitration and Its Impact on Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

Farshad Geravand

Volume 24, Issue 75 , September 2022, Pages 331-367


  The right to water in investment arbitration has been one of the most contentious issues before investment arbitration tribunals in recent decades. The privatization of public services, including water and sanitation, and assigning them to foreign investors has caused the right to water as a vital benefit ...  Read More