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Protection of Minorities' culture and cultural rights under the Light of CESCR's General Comment NO.21
Volume 19, Issue 56 , December 2017, Pages 9-32


  Cultural Rights (CRs) are the most non-developed rights among human rights in the terms of normative content, the scope of implementation and legal enforceability. In this regard, the right of minorities and persons belonging to these groups to participate in their own life has been affected and neglected ...  Read More

Countermeasures for Human Rights Obligations

ali hasankhani; Jamal Seifi

Volume 19, Issue 56 , December 2017, Pages 34-58


  In the absence of a fully organized super-State in the field of international relations, it is recognized that the injured State may take countermeasures in response to a breach of an international obligation. However, the scope and the circumstances of resort to countermeasures are not unlimited, especially ...  Read More

Ombudsman Institution Typology: An Approach to the Recognition of Genuine Ombudsman
Volume 19, Issue 56 , December 2017, Pages 59-82


  In this article, we attempt to study a variety of genuine ombudsman institutions at the national level and the institutions which are classified under the general title "quasi-ombudsman" or "ombudsman-like". The reason behind the diversity and complexity of these institutions around the world lies at ...  Read More

The principle of annual nature of budget and perennial budgeting

Saïd Shojaei Arani

Volume 19, Issue 56 , December 2017, Pages 83-108


  The Legal nature of budgetary laws and the competence of Parliament and Government in budgeting process are major topics that researchers in public finance study in each country. What binds these subjects together are legal principles governing the budget acts and budgeting processes which are aimed ...  Read More

Genealogy of Enenrgy Obligations in the Light of Case Study of Investment Obligations of Energy Charter Treaty
Volume 19, Issue 56 , December 2017, Pages 34-58


  Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) is an International Agreement which provides a multilateral outline for transborder coopretion on Enenrgy. Bearing in mind the continuance of economic and Enenrgy Crisis around the world and paying attention to increasing importance of energy in internatinal relations and ...  Read More

The Concept of Public Services and its Evolution In the Light of Public Function Doctrine

Majid Najarzadeh Hanjani

Volume 19, Issue 56 , December 2017, Pages 9-32


  Since the beginning of its theory, the public services faced with conceptual ambiguity and its substantive diagnostic criteria, at least in practice, has not been clear. The privatization of public services and undermining the criterion of "government intervention" and "public interest purpose" added ...  Read More

Immunity from seizure of public properties in Iran; A critical and comparative Approach

Hasan Lotfi

Volume 19, Issue 56 , December 2017, Pages 84-108


  الف) فارسی کتاب­ها -        پاهکیده، امین، (1392)، تشریفات ویژه رسیدگی به دعاوی دولت در آیین دادرسی مدنی ایران، تهران: جنگل. -        رفیعی، ...  Read More