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The operational challenges of the Responsibility to Protect Theory (with a focus on the situation in Libya and Syria)

seyyed bagher mirabbassi; aghil mohammadi

Volume 19, Issue 57 , March 2018, Pages 9-38


  The responsibility to protect doctrine (R2P) was developed in 2001 in response to the failing of the international system to major violations of human rights in territories, such as Rwanda, Bosnia and Kosovo. The R2P, which is trying to redefine the concept of national sovereignty and function of governments ...  Read More

The Conflict Between The constituent instrument of Intrnational Organization and The Security Council Resolutions
Volume 19, Issue 57 , March 2018, Pages 39-70


  Today, International Organizations play an important and effective role in implementing the decisions of the United Nations Security Council. In this way, the conflict between the constituent instrument of International Organizations and The Security Council Resolutions may arise. There are two approaches ...  Read More

Challenges of the International Criminal Court to follow up Sudanese President Case: African Union opposed to non-cooperation of its member states with the Criminal Court
Volume 19, Issue 57 , March 2018, Pages 69-89


  Abstract Following the failure of the African Union Peace and Security Council to suspend Bashir's case by the Security Council, the International Criminal Court issued a second arrest warrant for Bashir. International Criminal Court pursuant to the decree of States Parties of the Rome Statute to arrest ...  Read More

State’s Compliance with Multilateral Environmental Agreements and the Role of Exchange of Information in It

farhad jam; Janet Blake

Volume 19, Issue 57 , March 2018, Pages 92-125


  Compliance of states with multilateral environmental agreements (MEAs) is the objective of these agreements. To this end, a number of measures have to be taken which mainly are called “implementation” as ex-ante as well as “enforcement” as ex-poste initiatives and measures. Such ...  Read More

Budget situation in the Islamic Republic of Iran, with emphasis on the separation of powers

Manuchehr Tavassoli Naini

Volume 19, Issue 57 , March 2018, Pages 125-148


  One of the ways to protect the public Interests is aimed to the preparation, approval and implementation of the national budget as the most important financial document of country. In this study the main question about budget is that in respect to different Methods of separation of powers in 57 principle ...  Read More

Genetic Discrimination in the Canada and Iran's Legal System

vahid nazari; nahid javanmoradi

Volume 19, Issue 57 , March 2018, Pages 149-172


  Genetic information and the usage of this information has created profound changes in the practical application of genetics science and its function. One of these changes is "personalized medicine" in the sense of harmonizing the treatment of patients based on the genetic characteristics. In this kind ...  Read More

the fundamental principles of the constitution law to describe the concept of citizenship

abbas Mirshekari; marzieh mokhtari; javad farahani

Volume 19, Issue 57 , March 2018, Pages 173-201


  The paper is trying to show on the existing potential of Articles 2nd and 3rd of Iranian Constitution as ones of basic principles for defining the issue of citizenship and in order to representing the capacity of above mentioned articles for forming construction of the system of citizenship rights – ...  Read More

Financial monitoring on Social Security Organization

nasrin Tabatabai Hesari

Volume 19, Issue 57 , March 2018, Pages 203-225


  Social Security Organization is the most important organization of Social insurance in Iran that provides economic security for Insured persons and it has an important role in improving indicators of social welfare and social development. However, the organization's status in the Iranian legal system ...  Read More