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RE- Apraisal of Anticipatory Self- Defence in the 21st Century

Hossein Sharifi Tarazkoohi; Victor Barin Chaharbakhsh

Volume 15, Issue 40 , September 2013, Pages 9-36

  While an overwhelming majority of states have hitherto not exercised any form ofanticipatory self-defense, believing that it may lay foundation for an ominousprecedent, the question remains as to why some writers insist on promoting theconcept. As of September 11, there have been increasing louder voices ...  Read More

Rules and Regualtions Prevailing on Foreign Investment in Upstream Oil Industry Projects of Iran, with Particular Reference to the Buy-Back Facilitations Method

Seyed Nasrollah Ebrahimi; Mehrzad Tajik

Volume 15, Issue 40 , September 2013, Pages 37-68

  Given the substantial role of oil and gas industry, particularly thecontribution of upstream development projects in Iran economy ,the needfor attracting and promoting foreign investments on its upstream projectsbesides insuring adequate protection of the capital flowed speciallythrough Buy-Back formula, ...  Read More

Tolerance in International Human Rights Law

Soheila Golpour; Reza Eslami

Volume 15, Issue 40 , September 2013, Pages 71-113

  This article briefly studies the historical background as well as theopinions of some scholars with respect to tolerance, as a human virtueand a moral and political value. It argues that tolerance originates fromhuman dignity and respect and that societies are advised not only totolerate the differences ...  Read More

International Responsibility of States for Private Company’s Conduct Thorough the Lens of InternationalJudicial and Arbitral Jurisprudence

Seyed Ghasem Zamani

Volume 15, Issue 40 , September 2013, Pages 115-140

  There are instances in Municipal jurisdictions where Corporate legalprotections -generally granted as a result of their legal entity- isabrogated, thus empowering third parties to file claims directly againstindividuals responsible for corporate’s conducts. Similarly in InternationalLaw there are ...  Read More

A Comparative Study of “Precautionary Principle” in Opinions and Decisions of Internationals Tribunals

Mohammad Hossein Ramazani Ghavam Abadi

Volume 15, Issue 40 , September 2013, Pages 141-164

  Precautionary principle is one of the pivotal principles in the realm ofInternational Environmental law. For insuring sufficient protection of theenvironment, the Precautionary Approach requires states to takecomprehensive precautionary measures in line with their affordablecapabilities. Lack of ready ...  Read More

An Analysis of Criminal Jurisdiction over Peacekeeping Personnel

Amir Hossein Ranjbarian; Hoda Shakib Manesh

Volume 15, Issue 40 , September 2013, Pages 167-198

  On numerous occasions over the past decades, the United Nationspeacekeepers have been charged with various offences against thecivilian populations they are commissioned to serve. To render criminaljustice, exercising jurisdiction over the accused is a requirement.Agreements between States and the UN ...  Read More