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The Theory of Exceptionalism Facing the Theory of Balance

mahnaz bayat komitaki; mahdi balavi

Volume 15, Issue 42 , January 2015, Pages 9-42

  AbstractThe concepts of right and expediency are two of the concepts that have beengoverned over political, ethical, legal and social discourses in the most ofcountries. However, due to the heterogeneity of the protection of the individual'srights requirements and the improvement of the general interest, ...  Read More

Principles of Codification for the Laws and Regulations of the Internet with the Emphasis on UNESCO and European Council Documents

mehdi rezaei; hamed babazadeh moghadam

Volume 15, Issue 42 , January 2015, Pages 43-82

  AbstractNowadays, internet has a pivotal role in supporting the right for freedom ofexpression; by removing the restrictions of publication, search, and access toinformation, it has prepared the ground for the application of this fundamentalright. This new communication tool, like all other social topics, ...  Read More

New Interpretation on Peace and International Security and Its Influence on the National Sovereignty

dariush ashrafi

Volume 15, Issue 42 , January 2015, Pages 83-109

  Establishment of international peace and security has been among the oldestaspirations of mankind. Peace and security have never had a firm concept but havechanged gradually within the years. Before the recent changes in internationalrelations, according to the system that called Westphalia Regime, peace ...  Read More

Evaluation and Reform of Administrative Process in the Mirror of the General Inspector of Iran

kheirollah parvin; hosein delbar

Volume 15, Issue 42 , January 2015, Pages 111-140

  Although often decisions have been made and some proper laws been determinedfor solving some problematic issues, wrong or inefficient ways of implementation oflaw and executive and administrative systems mismanagement which cause thefailure of reaching the determined goals are characterized in the assessment ...  Read More

The Role of ITU in the Codification and Development of International Space Law

mansour jabbari; fatemeh hatami

Volume 15, Issue 42 , January 2015, Pages 141-172

  Initially perhaps, the codification and progressive development of internationalspace law exclusively are attributed to the United Nations Committee on thePeaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS). However, due to the development ofmodern technologies which are related to the outer space-specifically in ...  Read More

The Impact of Human Rights on Contract Law in the Light of European Case Law

yousef molaei; ebrahim shoarian

Volume 15, Issue 42 , January 2015, Pages 173-190

  Despite of the fact that the principle of freedom of contract has made it possible forthe parties to reach the agreement with free will and full authority, the experience hasshown that the contractual balance between the parties has been impaired by thepassage of time and scientific and industrial advancementso ...  Read More

Status of Environmental Obligations in International Investment Law

seyd yaser ziaee

Volume 15, Issue 42 , January 2015, Pages 191-224

  The relationship between international investment law and internationalenvironment law is a contradictory relationship in purposes but concurrent inpractice. The purpose of the former is personal economical interests, while the latteris collective human interests. However, the atmosphere in which both ...  Read More