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Ontological Epistemology of Legal Propostions (By Focus on Islamic Legal Philosophy)

Mehdi Rezaei; Mohammad Mehdi khosravi

Volume 15, Issue 39 , July 2013, Pages 9-34

  Epistemic-Ontological view although not codified in a separate field on legal propositions which states normative statement is one of the important issue, discussed in philosophy of law in both Islamic legal and western legal philosophy. On this basis, The outcome of islamic and western views can be ...  Read More

Failed States Status in Contemporary International Law

Aramesh Shahbazi; Khadijeh Javadi Sharif

Volume 15, Issue 39 , July 2013, Pages 35-60

  Since the end of the cold war, the International Community has become increasingly preoccupied with a phenomenon giving rise to a wide range of humanitarian, legal and security strains generally known as ‘State failure’. Recent examples of it are the situation of state institutions in ...  Read More

The Cooperation Priciple in International Environmental Law

Seyed Abbas Poorhashemi; Sahar Zarei; Yalda Khalatbari

Volume 15, Issue 39 , July 2013, Pages 61-90

  The principle of International Cooperatio is of great importance in the International environmental law as one of the public international law branches. In this fram ework the euitable and reasonable utilization of territory and management of common resources such as transboundary water resources ...  Read More

Legal Analysis and Quantifying Deficiencies of Decent Work in Iran

Ali Reza Abadi; Vahid Agah; Saeid Reza Abadi

Volume 15, Issue 39 , July 2013, Pages 91-128

  Introduction of the notion “Decent Work” by Secretary General to International Labor Organization (ILO) in 1999, opened a new chapter in the field of labor law. A division of law subject to ongoing development and evolving dynamics, mainly as a result of ILO perseverance towards formalization ...  Read More

The Role of Ombudsmen in Developement and Progression of Democracy

Mohammad Jalali; Rezvan Ziaei

Volume 15, Issue 39 , July 2013, Pages 129-166

  In every society, power is deemed as an essential element for securing andmaintaining sovereign governments worldwide; however, human history showswhere it is not laid under control and supervision, in the absence of unaccountabilityto members of society, there is a likelihood of its inclination towards ...  Read More

The Concept of ‘Third Generation Rights’

Mohammad Rasekh; Faezeh Ameri

Volume 15, Issue 39 , July 2013, Pages 167-196

  Recent developments of concept and instances of rights have given rise tomany chanllenges among legal theorists, each of them has attempted totackle the challenges in his/her particular way. It is claimed that in orderfor us to have a better life it is no longer possible to merely rely on thefirst and ...  Read More